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152bee questions and some answers

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  • Farrington/Bequia Canvas
    Sep 2, 1999
      Hello everybody;
      Ma, the beekeeping queen from Nass valley, responded to many of my previous questions and posed some new ones of her own:

      >>>This half hive was apparently composed of half-wit bees. We found them
      building their home on a tree limb right out in the open.

      Is that so wrong for them to do so? Your climate is a bit different I bet
      and maybe the bees felt that was just about ok.

      This open hive was a phenomenon in Bequia. Even here in the Tropics bees build in sheltered areas. It rains here, ofetn heavily and these bees, Italians, are programmed to build in shelterd spots. Thoughts from other beekeepers are that the queen was not good To paraphrase, she was, to be kind, weak; to be honest, demented.

      >>>A bad queen lays eggs that will develop into bad queens.

      Is that a truth?

      The eggs are all the original queens output. As I said, I do not understand all the genetics, all the haploid/diploid stuff, but it seems that the queen carries the dominant genes for reproduction. Therefore, her daughters will carry the same traits. Even the new queens, made from the original queens eggs, could have mated with their brothers, the drones. Even if they mated with outside, non-related drones, the dominant characteristics of the old queen will carry on to her progeny. Demented progeny.

      It took me a while to come to grips with this, the emotional part of it I mean. OK, so the bees are not like a pet dog - you cannot walk them and groom them. Nevertheless, you have an attachment for the hard-working girls. This demeted hive was my first hive and I really wanted it to work. It won't. So I will move on the others.

      Good luck with your bears - I thought we had problems with the odd mouse or two.

      Bob in Bequia.
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