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15132Re: [Beekeeping] How many hives?

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  • Stephen Johnson
    Aug 1, 2010
      Always an advantage to more.  You could almost say "the more the better"

      On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 11:27 AM, Dan McFee <danm_bees@...> wrote:

        You have to get though the winter and if you are like the rest of us can expect some loss. Bee keeping is not always expondential growth. One advantage of 2 hives that if one survives you can do a split and get back to the desired 2.

      --- On Thu, 7/22/10, stoneridgesheepfarm <StoneRidgeFarm@...> wrote:

      From: stoneridgesheepfarm <StoneRidgeFarm@...>
      Subject: [Beekeeping] How many hives?
      To: Beekeeping@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Thursday, July 22, 2010, 11:50 AM

      I have a small farm, mostly livestock, but I have a vegetable garden for the family, with fruit trees and bushes. The garden grows from year to year, but I never want it to be too big because of my age.

      I got my first hives this year. I only wanted one, but based on my research accepted the advice to start with two. Now I am reading about people who start small and end up with a dozen hives, 40 hives, etc.

      As I was in the planning stage, another one of the first bits of advice I got was "don't forget to do splits in the spring." As I understand it, a split creates a new hive and that's how people wind up with dozens of hives. So what do I do if I only want one hive (even if I already have two.)

      Is it feasible to keep only one or two hives? Is there a way to manage hives to keep the operation small?

      I'd appreciate your thoughts on this.


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