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1462Re: Storing supers and drawn comb

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  • Betsy Okonski
    Aug 4, 2003
      Hi Robert,

      We are new beekeepers, but on the advice of our mentor, who has been
      keeping bees for 30 some-odd years, we store our empty equipment under a
      little shelter which has only a roof and two sides to allow for maximum
      air circulation. We stack the supers on a skid (he has open 2x4 supports
      for shelves in his shed) in alternating directions, again to assure lots
      of air circulation. So far we have had no problems. Wax moths need a
      dark, stuffy climate, and it isn't very cozy for mice, either, so they
      just don't bother the equipment stored this way. I like it because I
      don't have to use any chemicals, and I can go grab what I need whenever I
      need it without airing it first.

      Betsy Okonski

      <<How do you keep the critters out when you store supers and drawn comb
      over the winter?

      I take two telescoping covers, stack the supers on one, top the stack
      with the other, and cinch the whole thing together with a ratcheting
      strap. I set them on cinder blocks to keep them off the ground.
      This keeps out the mice, but what do I do about insects?

      A couple years ago, I bought some used supers from another beekeeper
      who used mothballs. I aired them out for a week, but never got rid of
      the camphor smell.

      Robert Underwood
      Seattle, WA USA>>
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