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14045Economical hive constructed with wasted material

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  • oscarperone@ymail.com
    Jul 30, 2009
      Hi hall,

      I always think the beekeeping management recommended in the

      Natural Extensive Beekeeping handbook could be a solution for

      people with scarce resources who live all over the world: they

      are thousands of millions and are living with different lack

      conditions. This technique allow to practice beekeeping

      without knowing the theory, without purchasing hives – only

      acquiring bees from catching swarms.

      This will partially or on the whole depend on people.

      I think as many others do that it´s good to gift a fish to

      poor people, but it´s better to teach them to fish it.

      The limitant resource is the beekeeping material necesary for

      practising this natural extensive beekeeping.

      Because of poverty – resources or capital lack – it would not

      be worth for you to read information of this free handbook if

      you hadn´t any place where to put swarms and transform them in

      productive colonies.

      That´s the reason why we have imagined a hive disign which

      could be constructed easily with cheap, available materials

      and without sophisticated machines – only a simple saw, a

      hammer and some nails.

      The result is the hive showed in the following video you can

      see in:


      Thanks to all,

      God bless you and yours familys

      Oscar Perone

      Buenos Aires
      +54 011 1532837346
      skype: oscarperone
      blog: http://oscarperone.blogspot.com/
      en portugues: http://oscarperonenportugues.blogspot.com/
      foro: http://apiculturanatural.foroactivo.net