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14Splitting Hives

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  • Susan Jordan
    May 1, 1999
      Hi, I am located just outside of Stratford, Ontario, Canada and had a few
      questions about hive splitting. We have decided to make two more hives from
      our "Mother" hive and have ordered two queens from Hawaii. The queens are
      scheduled to arrive in the week of May 10th to the 14th. We have the book
      "Hive Management: a Seasonal guide for beekeepers" the book says that you
      should take about half the brood from the "Mother" and place it in a new
      hive. Then you shake in some extra bees. My first question is, when you do
      this, shouldn't you check to see that you are not moving the queen as well?
      Then you are suppose to introduce a new queen. How do you do this? do you
      just release the queen into the hive and let nature take its course? Also,
      we have two hives at the moment and were originally going to make two more
      hives from the one hive because the bees are more aggressive and clean.
      Would this put too much stress on the one hive? Would we be better off
      making one hive from each of our original hives? With the bees arriving in a
      certain week some time, when should we move the brood and extra bees over
      into the new hive? Should we move them when we move the queen in or does
      that cause too much confusion for the bees?
      Thank you in advance for any questions you may be able to answer, this
      information will be very valuable to me now and forever.

      Susan Jordan
      Stratford Ontario
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