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12576Re: Brood in honey super..... and my attempts to fix it.

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  • Terence Planke
    Sep 4 8:24 PM
      "Taipan Too" said:

      > Do you have a regressed queen that is capable of getting
      > through your queen excluder?

      Well I have suppose it is possible but I'm thinking that
      shaking ALL of the bees off of ALL of the frames and
      placing them into a clean, bee-free super would have
      evicted her. She would have then had to climb up through
      2 deeps with ample room for egg laying.

      It just didn't seem feasible to me but then I'm still
      learning about bees and what they might do.

      Will keep a keen eye out for a smaller queen during
      my next inspection.

      Thanks for your input.

      -=- terry -=-
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