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  • Adam and Jennifer Huntley
    Mar 3 4:12 PM
      hello, i use both style of hives, and i love the top bar hive. If your putting in a package of bees i usually place the queen between the fourth and fifth frames. I have also found i have much better success at keeping the bees in the hive if you leave the cork in the queen cage for a few extra days so the workers have time to start building their own comb for the queen to lay her eggs.
      As for your feeder, if you build your hives like i have, i make an extra long porch with a standard size opening so i can slide a feeder in. I use the plastic feeders like the one from betterbee, part number  (EF 1). These work very well for starting out your colony. Keep your sugar water mix handy because they will go threw it very fast to start, but once they start packing away the pollen and honey you can reduce the feeding. then open the entrance up all the way.
      Did you make a glass side to view your bees? That to me is the neatest thing about the TBH. I have two hives i set in my flower gardern beside my bench, i find myself somedays sitting for hours just watching them go about their work.
      The biggest problems i had with the TBH was the ants and hornets. It drove me nuts trying to keep them away. i made my own stand for the hive and placed the legs in coffee cans with some oil in them and kept any branches from touching the hive. As for the hornets well i'm going to playing with some entrance reducer ideas and see what i can do about that.
      Hornets can be a real problem with a small begining colony, they like to get in and rob the hive or take over.
      But overall, don't be too worried, my first year using the TBH i had a colony fly away, and one didn't make it threw winter but each year brings more learning and fun. You'll enjoy your bees more and more with each passing season.
      lumbertonian <isinclair@...> wrote:
      --- In Beekeeping@yahoogro ups.com, "Mike Carri..." <mike.cajun@ ...>
      Hi Mike
      >I have chosen these hives because they seem to be less intrusive on
      the bees .My main Concern here are the bees. I ordered from weavers
      they'll be here in april and can you point me to the right direction as
      in how to enter the bees to make sure there is the least amount of
      stress mike? I have a question on where do i place the sugar water and
      the queen do i treat her in TBH the same ? Which bar do i place the
      queen on when she arrives? I am very new and either need a real real
      good book r someone t point me to a video. No one in my beekepers
      assoc. does TBH. Actually building my own hives this weekend so really
      scared about doing the right thing

      > Doing what? TBHs? Heck yes and I LOVE 'em.
      > --- In Beekeeping@yahoogro ups.com, "lumbertonian" <isinclair@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Is anyone doing these
      > > Inge
      > >

      Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.

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