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  • sunstone1313
    Dec 1, 2007
      I think the confusion is about how queens mate. The virgin queen flies
      out of the hive within a few days of hatching and mates with a whole
      bunch of drones. The semen is stored in a special organ. She never
      mates again.

      I LOVE marked queens. They are so much easier to find when you need
      to, for splitting hives and so on. If I were to buy a queen, I'd pay
      the extra little bit to have her marked. We are not in an africanized
      area and so we raise our own queens. We mark them with a dot of enamel
      paint in the thorax. It is highly recommended to have marked queens in
      an africanized area so that you can see if the queen has been replaced
      by a possible africanized one.

      Swarming can be prevented, but only by diligent management. In the
      early spring, we start looking in all our 150 - 200 hives every 9
      days. We manipulate the hives to make sure there is plenty of room so
      the queen does not feel crowded. They will still eventually make queen
      cells. That's another thing we watch for. When they do, we split the
      hives. It is not recommended to use the swarm queens for the split
      hive, though, especially in an africanized area. She could mate with
      africanized drones.


      --- In Beekeeping@yahoogroups.com, "Ruary Rudd" <rrudd@...> wrote:
      > Why do you say the queen has to mate with her offspring drones?
      Clipping is
      > done after the queen has been mated. Also the queen flies to drone
      > congregation areas where drone from quite a distnace congregate for the
      > chance to mate wit5h queens.
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