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  • Ruary Rudd
    Dec 1, 2007
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      The clipping of a quenne does not prevent swarming, it only delays it. With an unclipped queen the swarm issues when the queen cell is capped. When the queen is clipped the swarm will fly after the new queen emerges. The swarm flies with the new queen.
      Marking the queen makes it easier for you to find her, and you can check whther she has been superseded.
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      Thanks, Mike, will do!
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      From: Mike
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      Hi Peggy,

      There are differing opinions or there wouldn't be the option of having them clipped or not.  I am one who likes the wings clipped because they won't swarm with the old queen...she can't fly.

      I like her marked, too!

      My humble opinion.


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