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10106Re: [Beekeeping] Newcomer needs help

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  • Germanbee5@aol.com
    Sep 1, 2007
      Hi Peggy,
      The reason the comb turns brown;
      • When brood is raised in the cell the larva cocoon will darken the wax
      • pollen will darken wax with time
      • with time most combs become dark unless you make sure to use them just for honey suppers and exsract the honey before it darkens the wax. 
      I have seen honey combs that are 35 to 40 years old that had been used only for exsracted honey. They were light brown, not dark brown. They had been used every year for clover honey production in  N. and S. Dakota.
      If the combs are not to old and if you don't use any of the hard cheamicals mite treatments they should last.
      We run nine frame brood nest and try to change out 3 combs every year, marking them so that we know which ones to remove. We do this out of every brood nest (2000+) Which means our oldest frame should be only 3 years old!!! We sell the old frames in nucs or melt them out. The old frames that we sell are 3 years old......
      I hope this helps

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