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10103Newcomer needs help

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  • coonmother
    Sep 1, 2007

      I thave just joined this group and am hoping some of you pros can give
      me some advice. I have three hives that died out a few years back. I
      had a new job and couldn't give them the care they needed. I also had
      several swarms and lost bees that way. Anyway, I would like to start
      over next season and so am taking apart the old hives for use next time
      around. Here is my question: I have a lot of frames with brown comb.
      It looks "healthy", no wax moths, mice, etc. Should I keep these
      frames and use them when I install new packages in the spring, or
      scrape out the wax down to bare foundation?

      Thank you very much for any advice you can give!
      Peggy in Minnesota
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