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10022RE: [Beekeeping] Raw Local Honey Recommended for Allergy Relief

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  • Mike McDonald
    Aug 2, 2007

      This, whether fact or false hope, has been a HUGE selling point for my honey. While I, personally, tend to be skeptical about medical claims until I see the results of adequately controlled double-blind studies with a sufficiently large sample of patients and repeatability, I am not about to contradict a claim that separates people from their money in my favor. Besides, the claims just might be true.  }8-)




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      Raw Local Honey Recommended for Allergy Relief


      A Sweet Relief for Allergy Season

      By Barbara Gerry, Spokesman Review (USA), 8/2/2007



      Is eating local honey for allergy relief just an old wives' tale? Or can the sweet relief allergy sufferers seek from their nonstop miserable "cold" symptoms be as simple as eating two teaspoons of honey a day?...


      Because raw, unfiltered, unheated honey contains bits and pieces of pollen, it becomes a powerful immune system booster, according to honeybee experts…


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