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Living on sunlight, energy of space & liquid nutrition and Beauty

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  • zhadan_tanya
    49-years old Zaporozhye` townsman Nikolay Dolgorukiy refused food and eats the Sunlight by eyes since the 25th of August, 2003 25 in august 2003 he refused
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2008

      49-years old Zaporozhye` townsman Nikolay Dolgorukiy refused food and eats  the Sunlight by eyes  since the 25th of August, 2003

      25 in august 2003 he refused human-habitual food, but then he doesn't miss marvelous breakfast, consisting of sunlight and energy of space.

      He says, that such «dish» stimulates more than coffee, beloved in past: now Nikolay wants to fly, sing and laugh. And the most important thing is that he doesn't feel any hunger!

      49-years old Nikolay`s dinner and supper don't abound in «earthly» calories. The main dish in Dolgorukiy`s diet is cosmic energy, which he takes after green tea, vegetable broths or boiling water with honey or with seasoning for fish-soup. "I drink milk, cacao, vegetable broths, juices, tea with honey",   — says Nikolay.

      Nikolay thined at 7 kg during almost 1000 days of sun-diet. Oderweight, heart- and stomach-aches disappeared, which didn't let rest him before.

      The first Ukrainian who is living on sunlight, energy of space and liquid nutrition   feels like he is 30 in his own 49 years. However, all who knows Nikolay says that he looks younger outwardly.

      Dolgorukiy confirms, that the results of the experiment surpasses in all his most courageous expectations. He believes that he came closely to a secret of longevity.

      — Huge quantity of energy gets free, but earlier an organism used it for digestion, — experimenter considers. — My organs calmed down now and spend minimum energy for my life-activity support, — says Nikolay, having his 10th cup of tea during the day.

      People-who-are-living-on-sunlight-energy-of-space-and-liquid-nutrition-followers of Nikolay Dolgorukiy tell

      Svetlana Nikitenko (was born on 23rd of September in 1937):

      "I have passed on a liquid nutrition and energy of space since 14th of June in 2006.

      I have lost of 10-12 kg in weight. Now the weight of my body is normal.

      My acquaintances notice that I have freshened up externally, the skin became smoother"

      Site of Nikolay Dolgorukiy - the first Ukrainian who is living on sunlight, energy of space and liquid nutrition
      Nikolay had personal record in year 2006: non-stop sungazing more than 13 hours — since the sunrise to the sunset.

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