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Earl and I are catching up after Denver genetic genealogy seminar

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    Hello All, Most of you have probably noticed that this group has been very quiet during the last few weeks. Earl organized a very successful genetic genealogy
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2010
      Hello All,

      Most of you have probably noticed that this group has been very quiet during the last few weeks. Earl organized a very successful genetic genealogy seminar that was held at the Denver Public Library on Saturday. We were told that the capacity of the room being used was 99 people, and there were about 10 people on the waiting list. The room was just about full when we started. Earl had recruited a genetics professor named Jim Freed to give the beginners' level presentation, and Jim has done this sort of presentation before and was very well-prepared. Many of you are beyond the beginners' level, but if you have a chance to attend one of his presentations, I think you would find it entertaining and might get something out of it. I hope that Jim keeps giving those presentations, because sometimes I run into beginners who would like to learn more, and one of his presentations would be the perfect place to start.

      Earl planned the session with good breaks in between sessions so that we could answer some individual questions. Earl had a bunch of us there who could answer questions, so I think this really helped a lot of people.

      I gave the second presentation. I had never given a presentation anything like this before, and so presenting my material visually was a challenge. I had devised an outline of material that I would like to cover and had included some links that I could use to display and use pages on the web. I was using the break between Jim's presentation and my own intermediate level presentation to pull up those pages when the library's network collapsed. Oh no! This definitely slowed me down and prevented me from giving people a tour of FTDNA personal pages and showing certain websites, so I was not able to do as much as I wanted to with my segment of the presentation, but I was able to share some important information.

      Earl did the advanced presentation, and he had prepared some very nice slides and really got into some how-tos for using Y chromosome test results. I'm so glad that he planned the seminar with the length needed to show people something about how this stuff really works. He used a lot of humor, especially when it comes to the subject of what can and cannot be done with test results in typical situations.

      There was a question and answer session led by Nancy Kiser with a bunch of us including Jim Bullock of the Genealogy-DNA list answering questions. It was amazing that we actually reached a point when nobody else raised their hand with questions right around the time that the seminar was supposed to be ending and that there was a lot of laughing during the final hour. Earl and I have both received very positive feedback about the seminar, and people have already asked about a possible repeat. Earl attends meetings of the Computer Interest Group of the Colorado Genealogical Society, and when they have workshop meetings, he makes himself available for a genetic genealogy workshop. Word was not out about those workshops, but he mentioned them on Saturday, so I think he will be able to reach more people through these workshops in the future.

      I still have some catching up to do with things that were set aside as a result of the seminar and my trip to Denver, but I am far enough along with my catching up to start sharing some of our recent results with you, so the group should be fairly active during the next couple of weeks.

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