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Re: Messy Mast Rigging

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  • PhilC
    Correction: ...one of the jib halyards attaches to the furler swivel which attaches to the head of the jib, and it s hoisted.... And you ll find no parts
    Message 1 of 11 , Sep 15, 2010
      ...one of the jib halyards attaches to the furler swivel which attaches to the head of the jib, and it's hoisted....

      And you'll find no parts available for those old furlers, but the bearing itself can be sourced at any industrial bearing supplier. The bottom threaded adjuster shaft/tang is generic part, same as the ones used on shroud turnbuckles, easy to get. Otherwise, if any other part is bad, either repair it, make your own replacement, or toss it and shop ebay for another. There's 10 of them listed at any given time. Be ware that you often have to buy 3 to get all the parts you need to make one work... (Never trust the descriptions of "in good shape," always assume the seller has no clue or isn't being quite honest...)

      --- In BaylinerBuccaneerGroup@yahoogroups.com, "PhilC" <PandD_Collins@...> wrote:
      > Re the furler. It looks like the upper furling swivel is shackled to the masthead! That is, um, not gonna work - have to drop the mast to remove the sail? I don't think so...
      > The furler drum is a basic generic, many companies made them and they are all similar, I have 2 or 3 of them in my junk parts box. (Not much to them, aside from damage, the only critical part is the bearing.) To use the furler, the jib must have a wire luff, the tack of the jib should be attached to the top of the furler drum, one of the two jib halyards attach to the head of the jib, and it's hoisted when needed.
      > That setup is poor, the jib flying off the sprit in front of the forestay will make it near impossible to tack the boat. You'd need to furl and unfurl for each tack.
      > I would imagine the way this rig was actually intended to be used was the normal working jib was hanked onto the forestay in the normal manner and one jib halyard serviced it, and some other sail (a light air jib, drifter, even a staysail, maybe even a gennaker, whatever,) was used with the furling gear and hoisted with the 2nd jib halyard .
      > --- In BaylinerBuccaneerGroup@yahoogroups.com, "bob.sparks@" <bob.sparks@> wrote:
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      > > Mike
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      > > Could he not shackle it to the jib halyard (fixed it to the rope that pulls down on the back of the mast and pulls up the front) and use the furling jib as a normal jib for now?
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