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664Re: Reefing a 295

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  • PhilC
    Apr 11 9:08 PM
      I doubt the factory originally provided a system, but somewhere a long the line someone HAD to have reefed the main.
      There is a great variety of ways to reef mains, but they all have the same major points in common:
      Lower the halyard.
      The tack has to be secured and kept close to the mast.
      The clew has to be secured and outhauled.
      The remainder of the sail has to be secured from flapping in the breeze.

      On a main that size I would have a reefing system in place, preferably a single line reefing system.

      If you could post pics of your gooseneck/boom/mast area (both sides) and aft end of your boom (both sides) we could spot what's there and advise.

      --- In BaylinerBuccaneerGroup@yahoogroups.com, Vernon Adams <vernonadams@...> wrote:
      > I have a Buccaneer 295 and I cannot figure out the correct way to reef the main. There is not a hook on the mast for the tack cringle and while there is a line for the clew, I cannot find any reasonable way to attached the reef clew cringle.
      > There is a cleat that looks like it might be in the right position for the clew cringle and there is also a pulley in the top of the boom nearby.
      > Does anyone know the standard way to reef the 295? or do they know some way that works well for them?
      > Thanks,
      > Vernon Adams
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