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391Re: 240 main sheet

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  • bob.sparks@rocketmail.com
    Jul 21, 2009
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      --- In BaylinerBuccaneerGroup@yahoogroups.com, "clawsoncampfire" <clawsoncampfire@...> wrote:
      > sorry if this has been discussed already, i searched but didn't find anything. i am wondering if anyone has been able to move the main sheet on the 240, perhaps to a traveler. simply, i would like to free up some space as the lines are a bit in the way. been sail'n her for 2 years now and loved every minute of it, but its now time to start making some of those changes i have been planning

      There was quite a lot of discussion about the main sheet a few month back on the MSN group.

      One guy posted a picture of a traveler above the hatch just far enough forward to allow the sliding hatch to open all the way.

      I will do the same someday if I get the required bits at a good price.

      I already have the bail for a boom vang at the right spot.

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