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3832Re: [BaylinerBuccaneerGroup] Update re my recent absence

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  • Marc
    Aug 18, 2014
      Awesome to hear from you, you old salty dog! Been approving membership on the other end of the group, I am one of the other moderators assigned by Phil. Sorry to have to say this but I've not heard a whisper from Phil after he departed from us, on to whatever latched on to his anchor chain and cast him in to the unknown.
      I pray that his sails stay as full as he needs them to be!
      God Speed Phil!
      Great to hear from you Andres!

      From: "Andres Espino ima_very_cool_cowboy@... [BaylinerBuccaneerGroup]" <BaylinerBuccaneerGroup@yahoogroups.com>
      To: BaylinerBuccaneerGroup@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Monday, August 18, 2014 2:50:09 PM
      Subject: [BaylinerBuccaneerGroup] Update re my recent absence


      Dear Group, Andrew Here,

      This is just an update to explain my recent absence the last couple of months.

      My eye condition of compounded cataracts advanced until I approached total blindness.. with leaa than 15% vision in only the left eye.

      I was denied benefits by social security and the state of AZ and as I had no insurance was out of luck until finally I received some help through a private source.  I had surgery in the left eye on July 3rd and now have general vision restored to the left eye tho it is still only 20/60.  I have no vision in the right eye and they expect more complications with that one which is scheduled for September 16 or 18th

      For this reason I was absent and less responsive to answer group postings and hope now to catch up with things.

      A BIG thanks to everyone who is keeping the group alive!  We appreciate all of you as many people who have a Buccaneer or are biuying one have little other source for information or peer support.

      You all can give yourselves a hand of applause and a pt on the back for all the help you give one another.



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