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3804Re: [BaylinerBuccaneerGroup] Problems bleeding MD7A

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  • katy Cardwell
    May 17, 2014
      Check that there are no air leaks at the filters and check that the pick up tube in the tank is not blocked, also check that the tank vent is not blocked...
      I have seen all of these happen with the MD2 diesel...
      S/V Wigwam
      Bucc 305

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      Sent: Saturday, May 17, 2014 12:16 PM
      Subject: [BaylinerBuccaneerGroup] Problems bleeding MD7A

      I have a Buccaneer 295 with a Volvo Penta MD7A engine.  Last Sunday it was having difficulty idling would run at about 2000 RPM then over a minute would slowly drop to 500 RPM belch black smoke out the exhaust and repeat the process.  I replaced the Racor (filter/separator) before the fuel pump and the Bosch filter after the fuel pump.  I filled both with diesel before putting them back on.  I have opened the bleed screw on the Bosch filter and pumped for about 15 mins.  There is no fuel at all coming out of the bleed screw.  I have moved the flywheel a few times as it suggested that the pump cam might not be sitting right.

      Totally confused and frustrated right now.  Anyone with any ideas?


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