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3683Buccanneer 180 HIN

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  • buck4ua
    Sep 25, 2013

      Well this is my second time around with a Buccaneer. First was a 240 (pics are in the "Jeff Buck" album) and then I moved to a Tanzer 22. I'm now down to a Buccaneer 180 and REALLY think I'm going to love it.


      Let me also state that I'm familiar with the boatsafe.com link that shows the breakdown of HINs that are both pre and post 1984 so I don't need direction to it.


      My HIN stamped on my transom is BLBM60A80480-0P. Now this doesn't look like the typical 12 digit I am used to seeing so can someone confirm/correct me on this breakdown?


      BLB - This is the MIC for Bayliner Marine Corp

      M60A80 - This is the hull serial number

      0480 - Boat was manufactured in April 1980


      I'm just not used to seeing letters in my serial numbers. Is this correct? And what is the "-0P"? Not familiar with it at all nor can I find any info the extra digits.


      Thanks all and keep on keeping on...


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