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3674Head sails

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  • Bob E
    Sep 16 10:43 AM
      I am finally getting to work on my new to me 1974 Bucc 240. It needs bunches of TLC bit that's okay. It is on an EZLD trailer which is in good shape. I think I need a new head sail. The specs show the jib not going to the top of the mast, but the it is call a masthead sloop ant a fractional rig sloop. I have two different measurements for the "I", 22.21 and 26.21. I can't afford a new sail so a used one will have to do. For a standard jibsail, what "I" measurement should I use? Is the jib not supposed to go to the top of the mast? I thought that on a fractional rig the jib would attach to a forestay that didn't go to the top of the mast, where a masthead jib would go to the top. Someone help me out, please. I am anxious to get this boat in the water.
      For all you PNW sailors, this boat it "Tortuga". Sailed a lot in the San Juans and Inland Passage. I have been told she has been to Alaska twice. For the last few years Tortuga has been stored on her trailer. Making her seaworthy again is my goal. I plan on sailing in the CA delta then down to Sea of Cortez. I want it all to take place this year, but I may jave to wait until next spring.Thanks for any help you can give me. Bob Evans
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