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3262Re: [BaylinerBuccaneerGroup] Re: New Owner Pictures of Standing Rigging

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  • Andres Espino
    Mar 29, 2013
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      I recently lost control raising the mast on my 240 alone and it fell forward and crushed the pulpit, bent the chainplates and smashed my forward hatch which is glass. and did misc damage to my lifelines and deck.

      TRUST ME  you do not want to have a mast fall  *;) winking


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      Subject: [BaylinerBuccaneerGroup] Re: New Owner Pictures of Standing Rigging

      You can't.
      That is not an option. That forestay is COMPLETELY shot!

      One broken strand on a shroud *might* be okay for a while (but the uppers are the more highly loaded, so I think not) but NOT the forestay.

      If the forestay goes, the mast falls aft - onto the cockpit.
      It may or may not damage the mast.
      It may or may not damage the mainsail.
      It may or may not hurt or even kill someone.

      If the upper shroud goes, the mast bends over sideways and usually buckles about halfway between the shrouds and the base.
      Time for new mast.
      Generally it tears up the mainsail too, often beyond repair.
      It may or may not do other collateral damage.

      Is it really worth the risk?

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      > I could try to sail it as is.

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