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  • Andres Espino
    Mar 29, 2013
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      YES... funny you shioukld mention that!

      I have built 4 boats so far before buying this Bucc 240  factory boat.  $ is counting the very first one.. a 19 ft grand banks dory we Boy Scouts built together in the early 1960s.  It was either row or sail and the mast was ingeniously made from one of the long 14ft oars..  The was put down \through a hole in a forward seat and into a block with a hole (mast step) on the keelson.  The rigging was Manila rope which is still in use so i read on line.  Tough to kill manil;a rope but hard to work the knots when it is wet.  It was tightened with hardwood blocks called deadeyes. 

      My second boat was also a grand banks dory this time 22 feet abd the rigging was \the same but I made a permanent mast of  a solid spruce pole with the top capped with a copper fitting,  My third was another Grand banks dory of 24 feet and it too had deadeyes and manila rope rigging  The first three were all balanced lug rig and this one was a gaffer.  It is the last dory I built.

      I wanted more floor and cabin room so the last boat was a 26 foot sharpie.. a stretches 21ft Glen-L design.  I had galvanized wire rigging on that one.  Galvanized does work well and the Navy used it for years.. trouble is it has to be replaced often.. sometimes as frequently as every couple years.

      Stainless Steel rigging has been a godsend for small sailboats and usually it will last at least 10 years between changes or longer if the boat is stored on a trailer and the rigging is washed with fresh water.

      COOT is a vintage sharpie that is planked and rigged with deadeyes and manila rope.  She is a vintage magazine design before plywood really became common for home builders.  You can view or save the plans and articles and pics here from the Polytarp sail site.

      Now some disagree with me.. but I see a lot of doryish lines in my Buccaneer 240 with rocker and beam and so on similar to a Cape Dory 25... some argue that a Cape Dory is not a dory because it does not have hard chines... LOL  But there is enough there that I am happy that it will sail well and be very stable especially if i treat her as a dory or a sharpie.  By the way.. dories and sharpies often have the same complaint of side slipping on a beam wind with a shallow keel.

      It's fun to reminisce.


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      Years ago all masts were stayed with rope. If you had rope the same breaking strength as the cable you could have two forestays one of rope and the original. But the one stay I would least likely want to lose is the forestay as the mast would fall towards the crew. So if you are like me and couldn't wait till you had new ones I am sure you could rig something as strong but ugly, temporarily.

      I would definitely not put to sea with what the picture shows.

      Look at the you tube videos of people using a gin pole to raise and lower the mast. You should not be intimidated by raising and lowering the mast. I know I was for years for no good reason.


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      > Thanks Andrew, Phil, Charles, et. al.
      > (New member. Recently purchased and transported '82 US Yacht 25 to new
      > home).
      > I went to the slip today and removed all the bubble wrap protecting the
      > mast. Wanted to check out the rest of the standing rigging like you
      > mentioned.
      > Here is a picture of the forestay. Seems intact except for where it
      > nears the mast, it starts to unwind. It's not rusted. forestay
      > <http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/23878320/hr/869952044/name/boat+forestay.j Reply to sender Reply to group Start a New Topic Messages in this topic (6)
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