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3258Re: New Owner Pictures of Standing Rigging

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  • PhilC
    Mar 29, 2013
      Where on the Columbia will you be sailing?
      Are you new to sailing, or new to the Columbia.
      I have considerable experience on the Columbia. I've sailed it a lot, from Astoria to the Dalles. Also up farther, between Hermiston and Tri Cities. (I live in Eugene btw.)

      You can get SLAMMED, in minutes. You cannot rely on "only going out when it's nice." And with the big winds come big waves, which get steep against the current. The combination of big winds and slamming into waves is HELL on the rigging.

      Example 1:
      41 footer based in Portland. We had done a race to St Helens and back. Gave up on the return leg as there was not enough wind to beat the current and motored home. The wind came up just as we entered the marina. It went from 2-3 knots to this
      suddenly, and the only warning we got was the wind line coming up the river - about 2 minutes. We would have been fine, we race that boat in the ocean (anywhere from SanFran to Victoria BC, we love ocean racing...) but it was fierce out and we were happy to be inside and dry having a beer.

      Example 2:
      The Corps of Engineers rebuilt the dam that creates our lake, so we had no water that year. Our Fleet was hosting the Santana 20 Nationals that year, so we moved the regatta to Cascade Locks. This is group of well prepared boats, with very high caliber sailors in it. HALF the fleet suffered rig failures of some kind during the 4 days of racing. Between the big winds and slamming into big waves, (and capsize and broaches) shrouds parted, masts broke, rudders broke... The River especially up the Gorge a ways can be serious good fun. ANd hell on boats.

      Here's another account of racing on the Columbia for folks reading pleasure:
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