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  • PhilC
    Mar 27, 2013
      Stainless steel must have access to the air or it will corrode.
      I would not put anything on stainless that could block air.
      Note that some of the older Buccs had bronze turnbuckles.
      For the turnbuckle threads only, a tiny amount of lanolin works great.
      But even that is not needed, I have never lubed any of my stainless threads and never had an issue. One caveat - I am mostly a racing sailor so my rigging gets tuned frequently (even on the cruising boats, I just have to tinker...) If the rig isn't touched for years on end, corrosion in the threads is probably more likely.

      Clean them (if stainless) with pure fresh water and they'll be fine.

      How to tell if the rig is simply old?
      Aside from a magnifying glass examination near the swaged terminations (end fittings) looking for any signs of cracking, same with the turnbuckles and the end fittings themselves. This should be done each season. But for pure age guesstimation, eventually stainless will turn a bit brown. Look for it nearest the terminations. If it just wipes off with a damp towel and the stainless is shiny again, it was dirty. If the stainless itself is brown, it's old. Takes about 30 years for this to happen usually. The problem with "browned" rigging is it's more brittle than when new. So instead of a strand or three breaking and giving you fair warning, it's likely to fail catastrophically. And of course, Murphy's Law applies aggressively to sailboats, it will happen at a very bad time.

      --- In BaylinerBuccaneerGroup@yahoogroups.com, "charles" <adam56usa@...> wrote:
      > Check all of your shrouds before raising. Also clean them real good. I put Vaseline on them and the turnbuckles.
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