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  • Curtis Peredina
    Apr 15, 2012
      I too recently bought a 27 buc with an inboard. Wonderful boat for the beginner. Shallow draft and its forgiving and easy on the wallet...look it over carefully.

      i sleep on it every weekend.

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      Date: Sunday, April 15, 2012 11:29:08 am
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      From: "Paul Morf" <pmorf@...>
      Subject: [BaylinerBuccaneerGroup] Re: 27 footer

      Hi Tom, just now saw your post and Q. If you've already bought the 27' Buc you'll be very happy. The only variable probably is the $$.
      Right now ALL yachts are dirt cheap. It's a buyer's market. Hope you got a good deal. My Buc 270, the sloop "Fresh Gail" [see photo album] has been my boat now for 23 years...I bought it in '87. I'm as happy now as the day I bought it. Honestly, I can't think of anything I've bought even in the last 6 months that I can say that about. Your boat and mine are now about 35+ years old. All I've ever done is repaint the intrerior, re-arranged the interior seating and that's about it. Structurally the boat, probably all of them, is still sound. Yes, I replaced all the windows about 10 years ago and replaced the forward hatch about 5 years ago....but things do wear out. Other than that, the Buc 270 is just like it was when it came from the factory. And, I sail in pretty challangeing waters....Lk. Michigan. To this day I still think that the boat is a better sailor tha
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