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2166Re: [BaylinerBuccaneerGroup] Replacing transducers on Buccaneer 305. Hull cored or not??

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  • Andres Espino
    May 23, 2011
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    In another group where I inquired about mounting an in hull.. they told me most boats are rarely cored along the center line with the keel, but if you cut a thru hull off to either side you may find coring.  I have not seen coring in my 240, but these were closely copied from Columbia and they are solid glass.

    I have included a .pdf attachment which includes how to do the following.  If it does not show in the group.. email me and I will send it to your box directly!

    What you do it make an inner oversize hole but do not go through the outer skin except the small center drill bit hole for the hole saw .  dig out the wood or use a large hole saw bit by bit to remove a big disk of the wood,  Then build it up in that hole again with epoxy and glass to seal all the coring.  Then you can take your hole saw in the size of the thru hull and go clean through.  If it is for a transducer, you can epoxy it on top of where you filled that circular area and it will shoot through.


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    Maybe I don't know what I am looking at. When I replaced a thru-hole on my 305, all I saw was about 1.7 inches thick of fiber glass.
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