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Re: flying with mushrooms?

Dried mushrooms are legal on all flights. On international flights the presences of dirt with the mushrooms may cause a problem, since transfer of dirt into
Douglas Smith
Oct 6

Re: flying with mushrooms?

I have traveled with mushrooms across the country with zero problems. In fact, I wondered just what TSA thought when their x-rays showed my carry-on with many
debbie viess
Oct 6

flying with mushrooms?

Does anyone have experience getting mushrooms through TSA for flights? I'm going on a foray in OR next month and wasn't planning on checking any bags so I'd
bryan hains
Oct 6

Free BAMS Microscopy Workshop at UC Berkeley

Hi Gang,  If you are leaning towards the mushroom geek side of things, or are just curious about what is going on under the surface of our little fungal
debbie viess
Oct 6

Mushroom Garden of Eden?

This story about the recovery of wildlife around Chernobyl makes me wonder about how the mushrooms are doing without human interventions? Be sure to see the
Oct 6

Re: Help ID'ing bolete?

Thanks Else! For those who are rank newbies, and we all were those, once, another very nice volume for western hunters that is actually portable is the little
debbie viess
Oct 6

Re: Help ID'ing bolete?

It looks like a Suillus - such as Suillus brevipes. The best guide books for this area are David Arora's Mushrooms Demystified and Desjardin et al.'s
Oct 4

Re: Help ID'ing bolete? [1 Attachment]

I should add, there are almost invisible reticulations on the stem that you can't really see in the photo. The top of the cap has a thin, very slightly sticky
Jesse Dubus
Oct 4

Help ID'ing bolete?

I found these guys at 10,000 feet in the Sierra last evening. I'm not sure what sort of trees they were near, sorry! I don't see anything that looks right in
Jesse Dubus
Oct 4
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the season awaits

Old cartoon, but still funny Cicely
Oct 2
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Promising New Animal Research on Treating Amatoxin Poisonings

Hi Gang, Hanging out in Dallas Airport, waiting for my final connecting flight to home. Saw that Darvin had linked to the abstract of this brand new study on
debbie viess
Sep 29

Re: Fungi around Lake Tahoe?

Hi Maya, There are a very few fungi out there, if you beat the bushes hard enough. Porcini scarce as hen's teeth. Go to water, just like always. We
debbie viess
Sep 28

Fungi around Lake Tahoe?

Hi all, I know its probably still pretty dry out towards Lake Tahoe, but does anyone have any suggestions of what things might be lurking in the shadows? Or
Maya Elson
Sep 27

Re: Paul Stamets on KPFA

The talk on KPFA was “Psilocybin and Amanita Mushrooms: An Innocent Discovers the Infinite” by Paul Stamets. https://kpfa.org/tag/amanita-mushrooms/ I
Debbie Klein
Sep 27

Re: Paul Stamets on KPFA

Just heard his talk at NAMA. David From: "Debbie Klein Debbiej.Klein@... [BayAreaMushrooms]" To: Bay Area Mushrooms
David Rust
Sep 27
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