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Re: Surprise!

If they are really large, then Calvatia booniana is a better guess.  I have only found these once, in CO, after first falling into a cow-mucked, boggy willow
debbie viess
4:11 PM

Re: Surprise!

Hi Debbie Yes indeed! Jen was very excited when she saw them. They are quite large an in a field. I'll cut one open Paul On Mar 29, 2015 10:19 AM, "debbie
Paul Belleci
1:20 PM

Lichen, orange gooey growth & video

On my walk to BART today I found a lichen and an orange gooey growth on chopped branches in a yard. They're MO observations 202034 and 202033. Here's a link to
Debbie Klein
12:55 PM

Re: Bad news about pines in today's Chronicle

I go to Mitchell Canyon regularly, and the Grey Pine (Pinus Sabinia) are who I'm seeing as dead or dying on the drive in. They are what makes that place so
12:01 PM

Mushrooms of the Sierra, March 26, 2015

Just finished my IDs, micro work, etc. One very rare species found (Cleistocybe vernalis) as well as a unique and unknown to me Cort. species and a crazy cool
debbie viess
11:04 AM
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Re: Surprise! [1 Attachment]

For the table or for the latin name? I am sure that you know that all puffballs are edible if they are pure white inside and don't have the outline of an
debbie viess
10:19 AM

Re: Bad news about pines in today's Chronicle

In Mount Diablo State Park, the Coulter Pines are being devastated by a very tiny spined bark beetle due to their drought weakened condition.....and it appears
Michael Marchiano
10:12 AM


We are camping and I did not expect fungi this time of year but lo and behold! Puff balls around our campsite. And I don't have my books. Ideas? Paul
Paul Belleci
10:11 AM
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Re: Bad news about pines in today's Chronicle

Thanks for posting a link to this depressing story, Peter, that I also just read in my paper. Like I said, get out there and enjoy those fungi while you
debbie viess
8:05 AM

Re: Here Come the Mountain Morels

Burn morels are the grittiest by far. Then rain splashed morels in sandy soil. Assess mushroom condition before you put 'em in your basket! Bears are still a
debbie viess
7:55 AM

Re: Bad news about pines in today's Chronicle

The beautiful Pinus Sabiniana (Grey Pine/Ghost Pine/Foothill Pine) of Mt. Diablo and throughout the inland area to Pinnacles, is also suffering. Even more
12:45 AM

Bad news about pines in today's Chronicle

A really disturbing story in today's Chronicle about the extent of damage to California's pine forests due to bark beetle infestations, brought on by the warm
12:08 AM

Re: Here Come the Mountain Morels

I've heard of several bear sightings while folks were hunting morels.  I think the bears are after tender young shoots in the spring, not tender young morel
David Rust
9:58 PM

Re: Here Come the Mountain Morels

Does anyone else notice how variable morels are when it comes to grit? It seems like the ones up near Lassen and Shasta are grittier than the ones from the
9:01 PM

Re: BAMS Mountain Morel Foray: April 14-16

Probably won't attend since finding morels down in my area, but Hodgdon Meadows is right in the burn area so may be good hunting. I would suggest that folks
6:25 PM
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