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Re: Omphalotus olivascens needed

Greetings, There's a good bit of down wood in this location - some windfall but much, unfortunately, is dead tan oak taken by Sudden Oak Death (which has
Kipp McMichael
3:49 PM

Re: Omphalotus olivascens needed

Sorry Katya, I am not a dyer myself. Maybe Dorothy Beebee could answer you? That's cool Kip. What is it eating, and how long do you think that the food source
debbie viess
3:11 PM

Re: Happy V Day

Nice article, but even Kabir got that truffles and girlie pig attraction wrong. Indeed, alpha-5-androstenol, one of almost 200 aromatics found in Perigord
debbie viess
3:08 PM

Re: Omphalotus olivascens needed

What color does the stain make, Debbie? Do you have a pic of a dyed sample? IÆd love to see that. Katya Madrid DonÆt worry, do. ... What color does the
Katya Madrid
1:14 PM

Re: Omphalotus olivascens needed

Debbie et al, I don't have any on-hand, but there is a huge colony of Omphalotus on Mt. Tam which has had fruit every time I've been there during the rainy
Kipp McMichael
1:03 PM

Happy V Day

Timely article. Cicely Rosemary Mena-Werth, Stanford University Stanford biologist Kabir Peay says romantic evenings and traditional Valentine's Day gifts
12:56 PM

Omphalotus olivascens needed

Hi folks,  If you come across this mushroom, please collect and dry or just drop off at our house fresh. I have a dyer friend from back east who desperately
debbie viess
12:50 PM

Mushrooms at the Montclair Peets

Hi Gang,  You just can't escape the lure of fungi! Yesterday I stopped into the Monclair Peets for a quick cuppa before I headed up to Huckleberry Preserve.
debbie viess
Feb 10

Re: Return of the Yellow Craterellus [4 Attachments]

An interesting observation, Jim! I'll just bet that I know your spot at SP, because we have found them there, too! Although surely there are more pockets of
debbie viess
Feb 10

Re: Return of the Yellow Craterellus [4 Attachments]

Hi Jim, Thanks for posting the photos. Absolutely beautiful!!!! Kevin W Edwards
kevin w edwards
Feb 9

Return of the Yellow Craterellus

Drove up to Salt Point today to check the spot where I have finding yellow Craterellus for the past several years in exactly the same place and sure enough
Feb 9
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MicroBioBlitz, Saturday the 13th, Oakland, CA

The San Francisco Microscopical Society, California Center for Natural History, and PLACE for Sustainable Living present MicroBioBlitz, an event where we will
Peter Werner
Feb 8

Re: Boletus or Sullus? [4 Attachments]

Hard to tell what species you have here since the photos are so dark and in unnatural light.Certainly a Suillus over a Bolete: note the glandular dots on the
debbie viess
Feb 7

Boletus or Sullus?

Found Near skyline (Oaks i think) i think/favor aureoboletus flaviporus but can't shake the suillus in the filters. Sent from my iPhone
Mike Lewis
Feb 6
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KQED Weighing in on Amanita phalloides in California

Hi Gang,  Lots of good and getting better information out there on some of these dangerous amanita species. I have been recently consulting with a reporter at
debbie viess
Feb 6
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