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  • Anthony Mihovich
    Akuba walked slowly through the dank corridor, sliding the belt through its loop to secure his tool belt to his waist. The moist air was alive with the sound
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21, 2003
                  Akuba walked slowly through the dank corridor, sliding the belt through its loop to secure his tool belt to his waist.  The moist air was alive with the sound of water dripping, unknown machinery running somewhere, shadows scurrying in the darkness.  Every so often, a dim sconce or a tiny window attached to tunnels leading to the surface would give some small light.  Akuba continued forwards, careful of Phobos romping by his feet, meowing softly.
                  “Aaaalright…” He knelt down near a set of pipes, drawing a few parts from his tool belt.  “I don’t like leaks, Phobos.  Do you?”  Phobos sat down, looking up at him and meowing again.  Akuba assembled the miniature welding torch and connected it to his battery pack.  “Scoot back, Phobos.”  He reached over, twisting a knob near the pipe and then examining several gauges, watching the pressure drop.  Then he lit the torch, squinting as he cut away the rusted section of the pipe and replaced it with a fresh patch.  “There…that should do it.  Onwards!”
                  He continued down the corridor, running his tongue over his teeth as he squinted through the dimness at the various offshoots and side corridors, studying the pipes and generators among other machinery.  After a few moments he knelt again, replacing some bolts on a steel grate.  “Shinidokiiii,” he sang quietly, tucking the rusty bolts in a separate pocket.  Suddenly, he felt a prickling sensation on his shoulder.  Without ceasing his quiet song, he looked over to see a large spider crawling across his shirt.  “Black widowww,” he sang, watching as the deadly arachnid scurried down his arm and onto his hand.  “Ohhh…shinidokiii machiiine-GO” he flicked the spider away with his other hand.
                  Phobos meowled out, scampering along the dusty concrete floor after the spider, chasing it around.  “Shinidoki.” Akuba yawned and stood up, attaching his wrench to a clip on the belt and staring down at the grate.  Suddenly, an eerie sound whispered through the air, sucked down through the grate…some ghostly breeze.  Akuba turned his down the corridor, narrowing his eyes slightly as his hair ruffled across his eyes.
                  “Phobos…” he drew one foot back, preparing to turn back the way he’d come as he continued to stare down the dark corridor.  “…let’s go.”  The kitten padded over, rubbing against his leg and mewling softly.  Akuba knelt to pick him up gently, cradling him in his arms as he turned and started walking back towards his room.
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