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11273Re: Anyone Selling?

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  • alexdraven222
    Jun 16, 2014
      I need help with this list. Sets don't matter, as long as it's the same name. (i.e. "Spider Revised", not "Spider") Please and Thank you!

      7 cyrano            r    arsenal
      9 anvil revised            u    commanders
      9 firstarter fs9-od        u    commanders/mechwarrior
      13 owens revised ow-1        u    commanders
      11 owens revised ow-1d        r    commanders
      5 starslayer sty-3c        u    crusade
      2 black watch bkw-7r        u    crusade
      1 cyclops cp-11-c        u    crusade
      3 war dog wr-dg-02fc        u    crusade
      4 spider revised sdr-7m        c    commanders
      4 striker stc-2c        u    crusade
      4 hankyu prime
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