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  • Tony Ripley
    Apr 15, 2014
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      Interesting.  I always wanted to make a "true" gray death legion deck. 

      How are you playing solo? Just playing both sides of the table?


      On Apr 15, 2014, at 1:44 PM, <MarkHerman@...> wrote:


      I recently rediscovered my cache of Battle Tech cards and I am having a great time playing it solo. However, instead of tying to maximize a given deck's speed and strength by having multiples of the 'best' cards, I am playing with this variant.

      Faction Pure

      A deck usually does not have more than one of a particular Mech. I make an exception with c3 as it is useless without multiple c3 Mechs and there are insufficient variants with this capability to stick to the first condition.

      No more than 10 vehicles/infantry or command cards that represent a vehicle/infantry capability.

      As always I try to use a factions core cards to emphasize how the deck is designed to perform. For example I have a Liao deck that focuses on subterfuge cards, a Rasalhauge deck with lots of airpower, a Davion deck that is very unique/ pilot focused, clan decks that emphasize Mech/Infantry teams, Orbital bombardment, etc.

      What I have found is the game has a stronger narrative. In the novels many of the mech were unique in some manner, rarely did they describe two of the same Mech in a battle description. I also have gotten an opportunity to discover hidden benefits for some Mech's that I normally would have dismissed if I was looking only at a competition environment. Anyway, this variant for deck building has enhanced my solo experience with the game.


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