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11262inner sphere missiles?

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  • robotgalinacope
    Apr 4, 2014
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      I'm trying to build a deck for a friend that likes my JF missile deck and would like a missile deck of his own. So after we looked through  my cards this is what I have concluded

      All the useful mechs seem to be split between houses. 
      0 atk is what most of the mechs have. 
      Narc is a very rare commodity, plus all the mechs that have it are house exclusive

      So my friend ended up throwing together a marik deck consisting of(I don't recall how many of each):
      Trebuchets (narc)
      Onion (Narc)
      Targeting aces,  both retrofits, and missile missions

      The deck couldn't really do enough damage to kill anything.  Is there a secret to getting IS missiles to work?  At this point I'm thinking that kurita missiles with c3 might be the best bet.   Anybody have any inner sphere decks that work?

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