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11256Re: Missile deck, Smoke Jaguar or Jade Falcon?

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  • knights_end
    Mar 17, 2014


      I enjoy the activity of the group but never seem to find time to get ot make a post. 

      For clan you have 3 viable decks for missles each with it's own advantages and disadvantages.

      Smoke Jaguar:


      Solid Mechs that can throw a lot of missles out there to your opponents stockpile and they ahve the Ryoken - D 3 missles and Narc the 6 cost makes it to costly to run more than 2 of these units


      The drawback is the cost curve most of mechs will cost 3+ each and lack of speed mean they are easier to hunt down. 

      Final Notes

      To stop this either Difficult Terrain and Fog Shrouded moors need to be in your deck.  Difficult terrain on your command line to stop mech hunting and fog shrouded to help reduce damage to your stockpile. Losing a narc before you use it or 3 missle puma hurts your offensive if it never gets to go for the stock pile.

      I would recommend 2 Narc Retrofits and 2 Missle Rack Retrofits to boost your stock damage potential.


      Jade Falcon:

      The cost cuve is much better for this clan and NARC units availible mean you do not necessarily need to run a refit.


      Uller - D 3 missles (Cannot remember the cost)

      Fire Falcon - A  (I think) 1 cost NARC and Fast for chump blocking mech hunting.

      Steel Tallons - Who cares if they hunt you down with this mission :)


      Uller D - Dies faster than a squrrel crossing the street during rush hour.

      Final Notes

      In addition to steel tallons Missle Rack Retrofits and Targeting aces can boost potential death to your opponents stock pile with the fire falcons and Puma - C you should have enough narc to make them effective with out the retrofit. 

      One last thing with JF it is difficult to find a balance to make consistantly effective deck due to the deck space limitations and the diversity of cards to choose from when building a deck.


      This deck will have a lot of the generic clan cards

      Puma A

      Puma C

      Black Hawk D

      There are benifits to making it wolf though:


      Fenris-C Fast 7 to kill and 1 missle.   Great for blocking and annoying attacks to their stockpile.  Also upgradeable


      Cost curve for this deck will be higher than Jade Falcon but lower than Smoke Jaguar

      Final Thoughts

      To increase potential Damage you will need to run alot of retrofits both NARC and Missle.  Not that the 3 missle medium speed mechs are not bad but to make the FENRIS a Major THREAT. 

      In addition some Fog Shrouded Moors and Difficult terrains will help your mech stay around longer to do what they need to do, attack the stock pile.


      Overall Clan Missle Decks can be effective.  If you find your cost curve too high you can always substitute in a few Mandrills.  But be aware 0/5/1 SLOW will be hunted down even with difficult terrains.


      Hope this helps,



      And the Dawn Breaks.....


      P.S. As for the most dangerous missle deck IMHO is not clan it's inner sphere......but that's another story for another time.

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