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  • tyusmax
    Mar 12, 2014
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      Hello!  So I've created a couple decks so far and looking for feedback or suggestions on ways to improve them. Thanks for any help!


      This deck has been my most successful so far, at least playing against the decks I have so far, lol.  It's a speed swarm deck that slows the opponent down with Arms Reduction and Misrouted Commands. I do understand that the Katana and Bulldog have Resource costs for Munitions that I do not have in the deck.  I am willing to pay the extra costs for these units b/c I think they fit into the cost structure of the deck. That said, if anyone can think of better alternatives, then of course let me know.  :)

      Arms Reduction - Kurita

      10 x Assembly

      6 x Politics

      5 x Logistics

      2 x Warfunds

      1 x Think Tank

      5 x Arms Reduction

      3 x Misrouted Commands

      2 x Hidden Reserves

      1 x Contract with Black Thorns

      1 x Operations Liaison

      6 x Mongoose MON-66

      6 x Quickdraw QKD-5M

      4 x Firefly FFL-4B

      4 x Jagermech JM6-DD

      2 x Katana CRK-5003-2

      2 x Bulldog


      The overheat deck has been competitive, but it has not been able to keep up so far in my playtesting. I understand that I don't have the 24/24/12 split in the deck.  This is b/c mostly I wanted to play with missions, and that format is very restrictive :) 


      Also, I included the Dasher D b/c I did not see it listed on the individual card rulings of being banned in tournaments.  But it has been pointed out that it is banned, so I am either looking for a good alternative to this mech.  Either that or I'll just have to bite it and say this won't be in a tournament and leave it in  :)


      But I am trying to make it more competitive, so if anyone has some suggestions for this deck, please let me know.


      Overheat – Ghost Bear

      10 x Assembly

      5 x Tactics

      4 x Munitions

      2 x Solaris Contacts

      1 x Warfunds

      4 x Redline Pilot

      6 x Dasher Prime

      6 x Dasher D

      4 x Wyvern IIC

      3 x Fire Falcon Prime

      3 x Dragonfly B

      2 x Vulture B

      2 x Superior Navigation

      3 x Forged Mission Orders

      2 x Heroic Sacrifice

      2 x Tactical Advantage

      1 x Sibko Allegiance

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