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11247RE: Couple questions

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  • deep_thoughts2000
    Mar 10, 2014
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      I believe the current ban list is:


      Effective Groundwork

      Dasher D

      Elite Mechwarrior

      Disguised Coordinates


      But thats off the top of my head and I might be missing something.


      As far as the repair/reload phase, I'm under the impression that it was a misprint in some of the rulebooks.  If you look in the file section of this website, you will find PDF versions of the rulebook that have the repair/reload phase after the deploy phase, but before the missions phase. (eg: untap/draw/deploy/repair/missions/end of turn)  Your right that putting the reload phase after the missions phase would alter the way the game is played. (specifically that alpha strike would be much better when attacking)

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