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RE: [BatAdvoGroup] Bats in the apartment

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  • Bruce Taylor
    Yea I went over there at 1 met with the new manager unfortunately the super wasn t there kind of figured. She s got the purse strings for the bat houses which
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 10, 2013

      Yea I went over there at 1 met with the new manager unfortunately the super wasn’t there kind of figured. She’s got the purse strings for the bat houses which I’m building cheap.  Actually I haven’t found any my size available Bat Conservation Management had one they put a metal frame on but not sure they are still making them I couldn’t find  price just said sold out or not available or something.  The all animal pest control I think is their name was there.  There going to seal the inside nad get the tenants back in the apartments.  Leave the openings outside open until October.they they will do a regular exclusion.  Still doesn’t answer Why the bats started coming in.  Manger said today that nothing was done on the outside yesterday she said they had done some fixing on the outside which would make sense if the bats got trapped and looked for a new way out.  Looks like most of  them are coming in from the plumbing. Washer dryer, sink etc. The pest control guy just had these guys in a bucket they looked pretty bad I think  he was going to kill them. He said he had gotten 30 from another apartment he didn’t say what happened to them so figured that’s what he did.  There should be a law against that. We need to take an example from Europe and get some really strong laws passed I guess if enough of them die from White Nose they will take notice when the grocery bills start to go up.  Of course he probably just dumped them somewhere which has the same affect these guys where too weak to even move let alone fly.  Same result they would have died if I didn’t get them from him. He didn’t even offer them to me I had to take a pup tent and say you can put those in here.  but all but one was alive about 12 never did a count I got back home and had about a dozen things I had to do. They where both adult and pup so hopefully after they are hidrated the pups will go to their mothers and the other adults can be set free after there ready.  I’ll get my bat house all drawn up in 3d  I’ll put together a proper sales promotion for all the apartment in Tulsa and hopefully by then I’ll have a meeting with the city.  The main guy here I think his name was Baker head of the environmental department who takes in the suspected rabid bats retired.  Now there are two people on in charge of the mosquito spraying and one for the rabid animal testing and no one knows anything. As I recall I called 6 or 7 years ago when I was having similar problems I contacted OKC and the person up their either talked to them or set up a class or something for the people down here so everyone was on the same page on handling and testing the animals. According to the girl I talked to their allowed to take anything from rehabbers only the public. I know this came up before not sre what the deal is I think if your in the business like pest control they want you to pay for testing or something. Rehabbers don’t make money at least not like a pest control guy  so the people here need some clarification of their rules. I left messages with both of them so I’ll just keep banging ont heir doors until they meet with me. The Manager was wanting to get the tenants back in their apartments as soon as possible because of the 2 works for you news people they will follow up in a week ao she wants the bat problem solved satisfactory enough for a news segment.  I’ll need to get the name of the head person in OKC that handles the testing  and phone so I can get her to talk to the health department down here. Right now I’m searching for lawn mower batteries finally got someone who wants mother electric wheelchair and the battiers that worked last week are completely dead today that figures the one for  Jazzy cost 90 dollars each there are 2 so I’m calling all the lawnmower places to see who hs a compatible one they run about 32 for a lawnmower. Put medical or handicap they want a premium.  Well that’s the news from the bat cave. I still have 4 big browns I got from Tuesday morning my regular client I have enough blend to keep them going for a couple days until I get my worms in from SE insectoraries.     Oh the bats from the Apartment where Big Browns that’s what I originally thought. Beverly said she gotten a few Mexican Freetail I havent’ seen any yet like to have them so I can collect some numbers from them just like some Hoary pups that Beverly has gotten in. I guess we have a few of them in my neighborhood where she collected them. 




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      It seems that Bruce has gone to the apartment and rescued around a dozen bats, both adults and pups. Beverly emailed just before she left to take some of them.

      No doubt, Bruce will update us when he has time.


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