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What are you Thinking?

What are you Thinking? The former governor of Bangladesh Bank and famous Economist Dr. Farashuddin has proposed a guideline to the Bangladesh Government to
Samia Jaman
Jan 27, 2009

Bangladesh is Losing international labor market

Bangladesh is Losing international labor market Bangladesh is Losing international labor market and for this reason remittance will be shortage in this year.
Samia Jaman
Jan 27, 2009

Shahid Minar: The untold story about it

Shahid Minar: The untold story about it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThuZ5hgWm2c [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
Jan 27, 2009

Hasina-Khalida & Bangladeshi Election Part 1 & 2

Hasina-Khalida & Bangladeshi Election Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UORWVniyIq8 Hasina-Khalida & Bangladeshi Election Part 2
Jan 14, 2009

True Story of a 40 years old man

This is an erotic story of a man of 40 years old. His experience, his fantasy, his imagination, his incest feelings, his personal video, pictures. You can see
Jan 14, 2009

Demo Voter list with Photo: Proposal from Shujan

Hello All, We developed a demo data entry structure for entering voter information. http://www.votebd.org/demo/ Please go there, enter your name in Bangla
Shushashoner Janney Nagarik
Feb 22, 2007

My undemocratic thoughts

This country has been changed after 11 January 2007. The change was so positive and so desired. This country never had this kind of change before. We had many
Oshin Mahiyat
Feb 22, 2007

Caretaker priorities

Hello all, I am giving here two links for two articles published accordingly 22 and 23 January in Prothom-Alo and Daily Star. Both articles writen by Dr.
Shushashoner Janney Nagarik
Jan 25, 2007

Nobel Prize Honored!!

Dear All, Our heartiest congratulations for your achievement Dr Mohammad Yunus from the moderation team of Bangla_Desh group! Nobel prize itself honored by
Oct 13, 2006

Thank you

Draft speech for a future leader ================================ Dear Peoples of Bangladesh, The problems of our survival are more difficult than those of
Sep 5, 2006

Bangladesh UPDATE

Hello all, Whats going on in recent Bangladesh? Can we discuss some of recent issues here? Election, Phulbari, case against CPD, Energy Adviser, Tata
Samara Nishat
Sep 5, 2006

This maggage should be signed to show our haterate against bomb bl

We all know that bomb blasting is becomming very serious matter in our country. We follo democracy. And we should do somthing against the bomb blast. Here we
Sep 8, 2005

Who is future ruler of Bangladesh... Bangla bhai?

Dear Friends Next election is just one year ahead. Nation is passing a crisis time. Crisis of terrorist attack, crisis of price hike, crisis of lawlessness,
Mahbub Faisal
Sep 8, 2005

Intelligence reports detect links with Jamaat and IOJ

A week after the 8/17 blasts the intelligence agencies submitted a report to the home ministry on 10 Islamic NGO's funnelling money for terrorist activities.
Rubel Ahsan
Sep 8, 2005

A tale of three cities

Shankar Acharya:A tale of three citiesA PIECE OF MY MINDShankar Acharya / New Delhi August 23, 2005A couple of weeks ago I revisited Dhaka after a gap of many
Kaniz Fatema
Sep 8, 2005
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