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Groups Runs this weekend

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  • Jim Adams
    1. Pacemakers Run Sat 8:00 AM 2. Run/Walk/Eat/Volunteer/ Club Run Sat 10:00 AM 3. Run faster run Sunday 10:00 AM 4. Hash House Harrier Run in N. Wilmington DE
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2003
      1. Pacemakers Run Sat 8:00 AM
      2. Run/Walk/Eat/Volunteer/ Club Run Sat 10:00 AM
      3. Run faster run Sunday 10:00 AM
      4. Hash House Harrier Run in N. Wilmington DE Sat 3 PM
      The run is on for 8 a.m. Saturday (if the streets aren't covered with snow and ice), launching from the Donna's coffee and bar in Charles Village and checking out several of the city's great neighborhoods. We'll go south and north and east for a mere 12 miles before returning to Donna's to chase away their normal Saturday crowd.

      Once again, this is a Bonus Run!! You can either do six or 12 miles or maybe 9.something. These miles are guaranteed, no wrong measurements. Both loops of the two six miles courses are pretty equal as far as difficulty, although one loop includes the Mervo High incline. The other loop has more of a steady climb as you return from downtown.

      For those who want to do the second six miler, meet us at Donna's, located at St. Paul Street and 31st Street, between ROUGHLY 9 a.m. and 9:15 a.m.

      There's free, un-metered parking on Calvert Street and on St. Paul Street up from Donna's.

      For More Info Contact Bob Hilson, hilson1111@...
      1)Saturday's Run/Walk is at:

      Mother's Federal Hill Grille
      1113 S Charles St
      Baltimore, MD 21230
      (410) 244-8686

      See you at 10:00 to run/walk and 11:00 to eat. We will have runners and walkers of all abilities. We love newcomers! I will give everyone a map with various distances of between 2 and 6 miles. (See #2 if you want to run 10 miles.) We will then group you with others who are walking or running the same distance and pace. There is no cost for these events. Simply pay for your own brunch. We meet rain or shine. Brodymark@...

      83 South
      St. Paul Street exit (St. Paul becomes Light Street)
      Rt on Lee St (immediately after Harbor Court Hotel)
      Left on Charles

      2)Interested in running 10 miles? We will have a group of runners running 10 miles this Saturday. The starting time for this group is 9:15 SHARP at Mother's Federal Hill Grill (see #1 above). Following the run, we will meet up with the 10:00 group for brunch. It is important to carry a beverage and money on these long runs.

      3)Is getting in shape one of your New Year's Resolutions? How would you like to be able to run 10 miles? What about a half marathon or a marathon? As long as you are healthy and without medical restrictions, I promise that you can complete any distance up to and including the Baltimore Marathon (26.2 miles) this year! This means you! Contact me for more details if this is the year that you are going to become physically fit to the best of your ability. Even if you can't currently run around the block, you will be able to do this if you have the desire. Brodymark@...


      Shoe Shack Runfaster Group

      Usually meets around 10:00 AM Sunday mornings at Gilman track for 10 - 12 miles, maybe more, at a sub-seven minute pace. Sometimes they go to Columbia or the NCR Trail.

      Contact Craig Morrill, cmorrill@..., for more details.

      Hash House Harrier Run in North Wilmington Sat Afternoon
      For anyone looking for a run this Saturday, there's nothing on the race
      calendar in Delaware, so why not try a Hash? This week, our Hash is in
      North Wilmington, and we can promise 4-6 miles on runner-friendly trails
      roads (maybe even with a choice of distance this week!). Just show up as
      indicated below, and bring a change of clothes for the party afterwards
      (indoors). For visitors, it's free, for first-timers, come and learn
      something of the mystique of Hashing - and find out why this phenomenon
      continues to grow in popularity across the world.

      Also, please do forward this invitation to family and friends, running
      clubs, Traildawgs, indeed anyone who enjoys the outdoors without the need
      time or measure every run!

      Richard Webb

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      Sent: Wednesday, January 01, 2003 4:02 PM

      Here are the details for hash #433 to pass on to everyone...

      WHAT: Dis-Oriental Hash

      WHY: Confusion say...He who comes will surely leave happy.

      HARE: Thunder

      HARELESS: Bitchard

      TIME & DATE: 3:00pm, Saturday, January 4th, 2003

      WHERE: PFPC parking lot in Bellevue Corporate Center (next to Bellevue State
      Park) off Carr Road, in North Wilmington.

      D'ERECTIONS: From I95, N or S, take Marsh Road Exit (going N, exit after
      202...going S, exit after I495 split). Follow signs...if there are any...to
      Bellevue State Park, pass State Park Main Entrance, on Carr Road, then take
      next right into Bellevue Corporate Center. Take your first right at PFPC
      parking lot...go to the back, park, drink, party and HASH!!!!!!! On-On and
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