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Baltimore Area Running News 9.28.99

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    NOTE: I am trying to move this mailing list to a listserve where it will be more manageable. You can send the following URL to people that you may have been
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      NOTE: I am trying to move this mailing list to a listserve where it will be
      more manageable. You can send the following URL to people that you may
      have been forwarding this message to:
      This is this first time I've tried this with onelist, so bear with me.
      Thanks - Jim Adams
      1. Race of the Week - Great Alleghany Run
      2. DC Red Dress Run Saturday Afternoon
      3. BRRC Metric Marathopn
      4. Race for the Cure
      5. Conestoga Trail Run Report
      6. Hess Blowout
      7. Aquifina 5K Selected Results
      8. Jones Falls 8k Results
      9. Links to other results
      10. Coming Attractions
      11. Older, still relevant news.

      FLASH-Loroupe sets new marathon world record of 2:20:43 in Berlin

      1. RACE OF THE WEEK - GREAT ALLEGHENY RUN 15K - the Maryland RRCA Series
      continues with the Queen City Striders entry. The first 10k is all downhill,
      with the last 5k flat. A PR course at the distance. <A
      HREF="http://www.racepacket.com/races/oct99/gar15k.htm">THE GREAT ALLEGANY

      2. THE SIXTH ANNUAL RED DRESS RUN Saturday, October 2, 1999 3:00PM
      At times I get requests for "unusual events", so I've featured a lot of trail
      runs this year. Well, there is an outfit called the "Hash House Harriers"
      who has a focus more on the consumption of alcoholic beverages than posting
      fast times. This is one of their better known events, featured in the Wall
      Street Journal among other notable publications.
      Time: Registration begins at 1:30 p.m. so come early and have a beer.
      Hares away at 3:00 p.m.
      Start: Lulu's New Orleans Cafe, 1217 22nd Street, NW (22nd and M Streets),
      Washington, DC
      Cost: $35 if postmarked after September 4 but before September 25
      (includes a Bag of Goodies with a Red Dress Run '99 T- shirt
      while they last and tags that are not personalized)
      $40 after September 25 (includes giveaways as available on a first
      come first served basis)
      What you get:Beer! A unique Red Dress Run T-shirt! Beer!
      Other great giveaways! Contests for best dressed! Great food! Did I
      mention: Beer! Dancing!
      Another chance to wow the natives and tourists by running around DC with a
      few hundred of your closest friends in Red Dresses!
      Other Important Stuff to Know:
      RED DRESS is MANDATORY! Don't even THINK about showing up
      without one.
      This is an A to A run (which means we are starting and ending at the
      same place). However, since you may be doing some drinking - say it
      isn't so - take the Metro.
      You will be able to change into and/or out of your Red Dress at Lulu's
      and can leave your hash bag there during the run.
      Dogs are NOT welcome, so leave your's at home, please.
      Register early (before September 4). It's the best deal and it's the only
      way to ensure getting your complete Bag of Goodies, including a
      T-shirt, personalized name tag, and all the other great stuff we have in
      Now it's time to register. How? Print out the Registration Form, fill it out
      mail it and your check payable to "DC Area RDR" to:
      Patti Thomas
      3330 N. Kensington Street
      Arlington, VA 22207
      Directions:Lulu's is at 22nd and M Streets, and is only 3 blocks from the
      Foggy Bottom
      Metro station on the Orange or Blue Line and 5 blocks from the Dupont
      Circle Metro station on the Red Line. Or get more detailed directions here.
      Questions? Visit our web sites at:
      http://www.monumental.com/janus/dcreddress or http://patriot.net~djk/mvh3/

      3. BRRC METRIC MARATHON - Sunday 10/03/99 BRRC Metric Marathon 8:00AM
      Northern Central Trail, Ashland Take Beltway Exit 24 Interstate 83 north to
      Exit 20A Shawan Road, east to York Rd. Turn right go a quarter of a mile to
      Ashland Road. Turn left onto Paper Mill Road for 1 mile until trail crosses
      Paper Mill Rd. Park along shoulder of Paper Mill Road near trail and go south
      on trail for start of the race.

      4. RACE FOR THE CURE - Race Director Dave Cooley expects over 18,000
      participants in the Baltimore version of the Race for the Cure 5K. Contact
      Dave at dcoolman@... or 410.377.8882 for more information.

      On a perfect Sunday morning, Rick Bingham, Jim Knost, birthday girl Virginia
      Poole and I piled in my car at 7:30 to drive up to Southern Pennsylvania for
      the Conestoga Trail Run. A race whose application states " a fall is
      probable, an injury is possible " is obvoiusly going to be a difficult race.
      Little did we know how difficult.
      The ride lasted barely over an hour and we saw a few Amish in horse and buggy
      on the side of the roads.
      We parked at the finish line, registered and joined a couple busfulls
      of other mentally unbalanced adventure seekers. The ride to the start was
      raucous as we all wondered what lay ahead.
      The race started as race director Bill Smith let off a cannon like
      blow from his shotgun. For a couple hundred yards we ran on a flat trail
      through the woods. Then we started to climb. After cresting the first
      runnable hill we descended and came upon race director Smith who grinned
      deviously as he directed us to turn up a side trail which required scrambling
      and grabbing trees and rocks to move forward. A few more hills and then the
      water stop of 2 1/2 miles. When my watch read 28 minutes, I knew my hopes of
      a 10 mile PR were dashed. The next 4 miles involved beautiful scenery, many
      other climbs, descents and scrambles over rocks, around trees and a stream
      crossing or two just to keep things interesting.
      A brutal climb led to the 7 mile mark and a water stop at a location
      aptly named " the pinnacle". Near cardiac arrest, I stopped there for
      multiple glasses of water and an amazing view of the Susquehanna River.
      Volunteers promised the hardest hill was over.
      The last three miles passed more easily as running was actually more
      possible and we had some flat stretches of up to 100-200 yards. To say the
      least, a trail race does not have mile marks. Somehow I sensed the end was
      near as we descended to one final stream crossing and the last killer hill
      climb. I heard noises coming from a park and fortunately I was not totally
      delusional as it was indeed the park and the finish line. I crossed the
      finish line in 2:09, breaking the elusive 13 minute mile barrier.
      After drinking plenty of water and seeing I was not bleeding
      profusely, my thoughts turned to my fellow Baltimore trail runners. Are they
      alive? Are any of them lost? Before I could really start to worry, Virginia
      sprinted through the line with a smile that made people wonder if she was
      really happy or just senseless from all the hills. She informed me she had
      passed Jim and Rick and both were alive and moving forward. Jim shortly came
      in followed by billygoat Bingham.
      The post race food was quickly inhaled as we swapped trail stories and
      compared scratches and abrasions. The awards followed. The winner ran 1:37.
      He was the ONLY runner to run under 10 minute miles. The awards were unique
      medal plaques with an elevation map of the course attached to a flat rock.
      Virginia placed second in her age group as the crowd sung happy birthday to
      her. We thanked the race director and piled into the car for the ride home.
      On the ride home, we all agreed we would do this race again. As a
      sidenote, Rick also regaled us with tales of how he was hit in the head by a
      hammer at a young age and how he was " run over by a bulldozer". For those of
      you who know Rick, these stories might explain alot. To close, it was a
      great day and would be a fun off-road experience next year for any runner.

      6. HESS RUNING CENTER is blowing out last years models. Limited sizes and ,
      but lots of good shoes priced $39.99.

      7. AQUAFINA RUN 'ROUND DOWNTOWN 5K Run: Selected Finishers Results by Dave
      Cooley Complete Results at <A
      HREF="http://www.runwashington.com/results/aqua5K99.html">Aquafina 'Run Round
      Downtown 5K</A>
      1 M3034 1 NELSON NDEREVA 30 WEST CHESTER PA 14:17
      2 M2024 1 MICHAEL MAMO 24 BALTIMORE MD 14:42
      3 M3034 2 MARK COOGAN 33 FREDERICK MD 14:47
      4 M0119 1 JOHN KANYIRI 17 WEST CHESTER PA 15:03
      5 M2024 2 BRIAN HARRIS 22 BEL AIR MD 15:16
      6 M3034 3 MARK GILMORE 31 COLUMBIA MD 15:20
      7 M3539 1 BRIAN DAUGHERTY 39 ANNAPOLIS MD 15:28
      8 M3539 2 CHRIS CHATTIN 35 COLUMBIA MD 15:32
      10 M3034 4 CRAIG LOWRY 32 HARRISONBURG VA 15:44

      15 F3034 1 GWYNNETH COOGAN 34 FREDERICK MD 16:39
      16 F4044 1 MARINA BECYAEVA 41 ROCKVILLE MD 16:52
      19 F3034 2 NAOKO ISHIBE 30 WASHINGTON DC 17:05
      28 F2529 1 HOLLIE HOLLIS 26 TIMONIUM MD 18:18
      35 F3034 3 SHARON WEBB 30 HAGERSTOWN MD 18:45
      40 F2024 1 DEANNA JO CLARK 24 BALTIMORE MD 18:57
      43 F4044 2 ELEANOR SIMONSICK 41 BALTIMORE MD 19:05
      49 F3539 1 BARB WILLIG 36 KINGSVILLE MD 19:53
      50 F2529 2 LISA SHANDS 29 BALTIMORE MD 19:54

      HREF="http://www.runwashington.com/results/jonesfall99.html">Jones Falls 8K
      Sunday, September 19, 1999
      Baltimore, MD Results by The Finished Product
      1 M3539 1 CHRIS CHATTIN 35 COLUMBIA MD 24:25
      2 M3539 2 BRIAN DAUGHERTY 39 ANNAPOLIS MD 24:40
      3 M3034 1 DOUG MOCK 32 GERMANTOWN MD 24:41
      4 M2529 1 ERIC ESTRADA 27 PARKVILLE MD 24:59
      5 M3539 3 BRIAN FERRARI 39 BALTIMORE MD 25:19
      6 M1619 1 MICHAEL REA 19 ANNAPOLIS MD 25:36
      7 M3034 2 DAVE SWIDOR 34 OWINGS MILLS MD 26:29
      8 M4044 1 ANTHONY BASILE 41 COLUMBIA MD 26:39
      9 F3034 1 BEA' MARIE ALTIERI 32 COLUMBIA MD 28:15
      10 M3539 4 MARK CASTEEL 39 RED LION PA 28:46
      11 M4044 2 MIKE MARTIN 40 PARKVILLE MD 28:57
      12 M2529 2 SALIM ROTHMAN-HAJI 28 BALTIMORE MD 28:59
      14 M3539 5 SHAWN DOWNING 39 BALTIMORE MD 29:26
      15 M4044 3 FINLEY MEARS 43 BALTIMORE MD 29:29
      16 M3034 3 MACK BUTALA 31 BALTIMORE MD 29:31
      17 M3034 4 KEVIN MCLAUGHLIN 32 BALTIMORE MD 29:44
      18 M5054 1 EDWARD LECATES 54 YORK PA 30:00
      19 M4549 2 SPARK ROGERS 45 ANNAPOLIS MD 30:05
      20 M4549 3 KEN FOX 49 COLUMBIA MD 30:19

      9 F3034 1 BEA' MARIE ALTIERI 32 COLUMBIA MD 28:15
      31 F3539 1 GLORIA SANTARPIA 38 ODENTON MD 32:07
      45 F5054 1 MARSHA SPRINGER 53 LA CENTER,WA WA 33:33
      46 F3034 2 KRISTIN MEARS 31 BALTIMORE MD 33:34
      48 F2529 1 MICOL ROTMAN-HAJI 27 BALTIMORE MD 33:35
      52 F4549 1 ELLIE MURPHY 45 BALTIMORE MD 33:59
      55 F4044 1 KATIE GLOSE 40 BALTIMORE MD 34:31
      57 F4044 2 SUSAN MICHALSKI 42 BALTIMORE MD 34:41
      59 F4044 3 ROBIN GOODWIN 41 TIMONIUM MD 34:43
      63 F3539 2 LISA HANNON 35 BEL AIR MD 34:53
      64 F2529 2 JENNIFER BLACK 28 BALTIMORE MD 35:09
      67 F2529 3 LISA SHANDS 29 BALTIMORE MD 35:22
      70 F3539 3 DEIRDRE SMITH 39 TIMONIUM MD 35:36
      83 F2024 1 JENNY HARVEY 22 BALTIMORE MD 36:44
      84 F4549 2 GAY LEGG 48 TOWSON MD 36:45
      85 F2024 2 SARAH HILL 21 BALTIMORE MD 36:45
      88 F2529 4 AZIN NEZAMI 28 BALTIMORE MD 36:57
      90 F4549 3 MARIA SHIELDS 48 OWINGS MILLS MD 37:00
      98 F3539 4 DAWN DIETER 35 ABINGDON MD 37:24
      101 F3034 3 SARA HOLLEY 30 BALTIMORE MD 37:54

      23 M4549 4 TONY WILLIAMS 47 BALTIMORE MD 30:38
      24 M4549 5 RAY LORDEN 45 TIMONIUM MD 30:42
      28 M4549 7 DOUG PRESTON 49 BALTIMORE MD 31:46
      33 M3034 7 DARREN ASHLEY 30 OWINGS MILLS MD 32:27
      36 M3539 7 ROBIN WILLIAMS 37 PARKVILLE MD 32:55
      43 M6064 1 ART MOREY 61 COLUMBIA MD 33:29
      52 M4044 7 JOHN PITERA' 41 BALTIMORE MD 33:59
      53 M2024 3 ADAM SPIVAK 24 BALTIMORE MD 34:17
      58 M0115 1 NICK VAN SANT 15 TIMONIUM MD 34:41
      60 M2529 5 JEFF ZINN 29 BALTIMORE MD 34:44
      62 M5559 2 MIKE BAZIZ 58 BALTIMORE MD 34:48
      65 M4549 9 CHARLES KUNING 47 BALTIMORE MD 35:16
      66 M4549 10 DOUG CARROLL 48 TIMONIUM MD 35:19
      73 M3539 12 DAVID SHANOW 37 BALTIMORE MD 35:45
      87 M4044 12 BOB HILSON 42 BALTIMORE MD 36:55
      96 M5054 8 ALGERON MOORE 51 BALTIMORE MD 37:21
      105 F4044 4 BONNIE LEGRO 44 BALTIMORE MD 38:09
      106 F2024 3 GENEVIEVE GIGLIOTTI 21 PHOENIX MD 38:12
      107 F3034 4 KELLY MURRAY 33 LINTHICUM MD 38:14
      135 M5559 6 MILTON SWANN 59 BALTIMORE MD 39:33
      137 F4549 4 FAY MILLER 45 BALTIMORE MD 39:39
      138 F5054 2 NATALIE VASLAVSKY 51 BALTIMORE MD 39:40
      140 M5054 10 TROY LEWIS,JR 52 RANDALLSTOWN MD 39:41
      173 F5054 4 KATHLEEN SCHAUB 50 HUNT VALLEY MD 41:28
      182 F3539 7 KAREN SINGER 35 TIMONIUM MD 41:56
      189 F4044 8 DEBA LEVIN 41 REISTERTOWN MD 42:08
      197 F3539 9 TOKS FASHOLA 35 BALTIMORE MD 42:43
      208 M4549 23 BRIAN LEE 48 PARKVILLE MD 43:12
      233 F4549 10 ANNA ANDERSEN 46 BALTIMORE MD 44:48
      251 M4044 27 STANLEY TUPAJ 44 BALTIMORE 46:33
      256 F5559 1 GLORIA MOREY 59 COLUMBIA MD 46:48
      261 F3034 14 STACEY GRUBER 33 HAMPSTEAD MD 46:55
      276 F5054 6 MARY HIRSCH 54 BALTIMORE MD 48:51
      290 M4549 31 DAVID LOCKE 49 BALTIMORE MD 50:38
      302 F4044 18 CHARLOTTE ROCK 41 OWINGS MILLS MD 52:58
      303 F4549 17 MARY GOOD 46 OWINGS MILLS MD 53:00
      304 M4549 32 HARRY GOOD 49 OWINGS MILLS MD 53:17

      9. OTHER RESULTS - <A HREF="http://www.lmsports.com/dew99.htm">DEWEY BEACH
      <A HREF="http://www.runwashington.com/results/md4m.html">1999 Maryland Relay
      4 Mile</A>
      <A HREF="http://www.runwashington.com/results/alex20m99.html">DCRRC National
      Capital 20 Mile</A>

      10. COMING ATTRACTIONS - Always call first, sometimes things change.
      Saturday 10/2
      Frederick - Market Street Mile, 8:30 am,
      Mt Savage - Great Allegany Run, 8 am,
      Quantico, VA (Larson Gym) - 4th Annual Marine
      Half-Marathon, 8 am, 703-784-2672.
      Washington, DC (14th & F Streets) - Press Run 5K,
      am, 202-662-7500.
      Washington, DC (Hains Point) - Toys for Tots 5K, 8

      Sunday 10/3
      Columbia (Longfellow Elementary) - HCS Fall Series
      (2 Mile, 10K, 15K), 2 pm, 410-964-1998.
      Harwood (Southern High School) - Metric Marathon, 8
      am, 410-268-1165.
      Sparks (NCR Trail) - BRRC Metric Marathon, 8 am,
      Takoma Park (Columbia Union College) - Run for
      5K, 9 am, 202-424-7708.
      Washington, DC (East Potomac Park) - Race for
      Cooperative Development 5K, 8 am, 301-871-0005.
      Washington, DC (Georgetown) - Georgetown Classic
      10K, 9:30 am, 301-871-0400.
      Group Runs
      -Club Links
      Known Group Runs -
      Saturdays 7am, Contee Building at Route 450, Contact Ben Moore
      Sundays 7:30am, Main Street City Dock area, Contact Bob Field 202-268-4334
      6:00 AM Tuesday/Thursday mornings, Peerce's Plantation, johnse@...
      6:30 PM Tuesdays, Gilman track with Troy Jacobson, trnrt@...
      � 5:30 Wednesday eves JHU track, 6 miles, pizza at PJ's later
      � 7:00 Saturday morning, NCR trail snails, Ashland parking lot NCR Trail
      Snails Running Club
      7 30 Saturday - Donna Simmons leading a twenty miler group at about a 7 30
      - 7 50 pace, Ashland parking lot contact: dsimmon@...
      8 00 Saturday - Peerce's Plantation, BRRC organized runs.
      8 00 Sunday - Triathletes head north on the NCR from the Paper Mill Road
      access. Contact Chris Smith ccsmith@... for details.

      � 7:00 Saturday morning, Bagel run Feet First area parking lot

      Washington DC - <A
      HREF="http://www.racepacket.com/funruns.html">WASHINGTON-AREA GROUP RUNS
      Baltimore Leukemia Team in Training usually alternates Saturdays and Sundays,
      and uses the NCR Trail or Peerce's. Contact Jeff Sanborn for details at

      Coaching (alpha order by first name)
      Running - mile to marathon
      Ken Fowlerkenneth_w_fowler@...410-944-5739

      Troy Jacobson - <A HREF="http://coachtroy.com/workouts.htm">Workouts</A>
      www.coachtroy.com, trnrt@...,
      Lee DiPietro, for women, "On the Run", runleedip@...

      Connie Buckwalter in PA has had success with Mike Mykotok -

      Running - marathon
      Team in Training - Jeff Sanborn - jsanborn@...
      Arthritis Foundation - Sara MacLeod - SMacLeod@...
      Steve Kartalia - stephen.kartalia@...

      Hollie Hollis - Cyclingeast@...
      Hollie also coaches swimming - a great non-impact cross training activity.

      Troy Jacobson - <A HREF="http://coachtroy.com/workouts.htm">Workouts</A>
      www.coachtroy.com, trnrt@...,

      Baltimore Area Club Links
      <A HREF="http://annapolisstriders.org/">Annapolis Striders</A>
      <A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/8385/">Baltimore Road Runners
      <A HREF="http://www.striders.net/index.html">Howard County Striders</A>
      NCR Trail Snails - www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Meadows/7685
      <A HREF="http://members.tripod.com/~RASAC_WEB/">RASAC's Home Page</A>
      <A HREF="http://scottdouglas.zramp.com/scott_douglas.htm">Scott Douglas</A>
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