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4619HASP Flight Complete, Recovery Today

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  • Jack Crabtree
    Aug 10, 2014
      The 2014 flight of High Altitude Student Platform (HASP) is complete. After attaining a float altitude of 125,000 feet for 5.5 hours, the payload was brought down North of Winslow, AZ. The 1800 lb payload was launched from the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility in Ft. Sumner, NM using a 11.8 MCF zero pressure Raven Aerostar balloon. Recovery of the payload will occur today after coordination with the Navajo Nation. See http://towerfts.csbf.nasa.gov/Maps/ConvGps649N.htm for the actual flown flight path.
      Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University of Prescott, AZ flew one of the 9 student payloads aboard the HASP flight. This payload consisted of an engineering model of the school’s EagleSat, a 4 inch cubesat spacecraft scheduled to be put in orbit in late 2015. The half watt 70 cm communications subsystem provided telemetry and APRS position data throughout the flight with the call sign of N7ERU. Commands were executed via the comm system from the ERAU campus ground station at up to 300 mile distance.
      Thanks to those who provided reception reports and even one visual report during the flight.
      Jack Crabtree
      ERAU EagleSat Project