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  • Monitor's Report: Crescent Moon Snowshoes Date: 2/25/2004 Monitor: Will Rietveld Test Monitor: Rebecca Testers: -Laurie Shuster -Tim Coughlin -Rick Dreher Laura Shuster -Received Snowshoes: 2/3 -Initial Report posted to forum: 2/17 -Initial Report edited: 2/24 -Initial Report Uploaded to BGT.org: Yes Tim Coughlin -Received Snowshoes: 2/13 -Initial Report posted to forum: 2/23...
    Will Rietveld & Janet Reichl Feb 25, 2004
  • Hi Tim. Nice job, good thorough review. My edits are prefaced with "Edit:" Will (Edit: Insert Initial Report:) The Crescent Moon Snowshoe Company (Edit: Change to Crescent Moon Snowshoes) (Edit: Insert Model Tested:) Gold Series 10 Backcountry (Edit: Insert Date:_____) This Initial Report is the first of a series of three reports written over a six-month test period. Tester...
    Will Rietveld Feb 24, 2004
  • Hi Laurie. Nice job. My edits are prefaced by "Edit:" Will (Edit: Insert Initial Report:) Crescent Moon Snowshoes Model (Edit: Insert colon after Model) Gold Series 13 Initial Report (Edit: Remove repeat of Initial Report) February 16, 2004 Reviewer Information Laurie Shuster shustelm@^$1.. Olympia, WA (Edit: Put Location: before Olympia, WA) Age: 35, (Edit: Delete comma) Female...
    Will Rietveld Feb 24, 2004
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  • (Hi Rick. Overall your IR is excellent. It's very thorough, well thought out, and clearly written. My edits are prefaced with the word "Edit:") Crescent Moon Gold Series 9 Snowshoes Initial Report (Edits: 1) In the following 2 sections you need to be consistent with upper case and lower case in the headings and the first word after the colon. For example, "Shoes Ship With: Hangtags...
    Will Rietveld Feb 24, 2004
  • IR has been edited in MS Word and e-mailed direct. Easier to do in software with more features. Will
    Will Rietveld Feb 23, 2004
  • I will be OOP Tu thru Sat 2/21, doing some gear testing in SE Utah. I will edit Crescent Moon Snowshoes initial reports on Sunday 2/22 after I get back. Cheers, Will.
    Will Rietveld Feb 16, 2004
  • ...FOLLOW ALL BGT TESTER REQUIREMENTS. PERSONAL INFORMATION Name: Will Rietveld Age: 61 Gender: Male Height: 6' Weight: 170 lb Email: (willjanet at sisna dot com) willjanet@^$1 City & State: Durango, CO 81301 Location for Testing: Southwestern US (Colorado, Utah, Arizona...
    Will & Janet Feb 16, 2004
  • > > Would it be ok if I submitted my Crescent Moon report by the end of > the day on Monday? I'm out of town and having some time issues at the moment. ______________________________________________________________________ No problem Laurie, you gained a little time by getting yours at the OR show. Initial Report is officially due next Wed. Will
    Will Rietveld Feb 13, 2004
  • Laurie, Tim, Rick-- Looks like all 3 testers have received their snowshoes. Time to gather your thoughts, sharpen your pens and write an initial report. Reports will be due by Wed Feb 18, 7 days from when Rick received his. I will be gone on a camping/hiking trip to SE Utah from Tu-Sat, so I won't be able to respond to any questions on the list. I'll edit your initial reports as...
    Will Rietveld Feb 13, 2004
  • > They arrived sometime within the last couple hours. I haven't seen > them yet, but there's a big box waiting for me when I get home! > > Tim ______________________________________________________________________ I'll bet you are anxious to get home tonight! That means that Rick's snowshoes should also be arriving soon. Laurie, Tim, Rick: As your monitor, I wanted to mention that...
    Will Rietveld Feb 11, 2004