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SealSkinz Report 1&2

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  • David Anderson
    SealSkinz Gauntlet Gloves and WaterBlocker Socks Danalco - http://www.danalco.com Name: David Anderson Date: 3/1/2002 E-mail: squtch@quiet-like-a-panther.org
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      SealSkinz Gauntlet Gloves and WaterBlocker Socks

      Danalco - http://www.danalco.com

      Name: David Anderson
      Date: 3/1/2002
      E-mail: squtch@...
      Gender: Male
      Age: 37
      Height: 6'2"
      Weight: 275

      I do most of my backpacking in the Washington and Oregon, which along with
      sea kayaking means I get wet a lot.

      I have been using SealSkinz over the calf socks and their normal gloves for
      a while now, so I decided to test the WaterBlocker Socks and Gauntlet
      Gloves. They arrived yesterday 2/28/2002 by first class mail in a Tyvek
      envelope. Both the socks and the gloves came packaged in zip-lock type bags
      with a hole at the top for hanging on a rack.

      The Gauntlet Gloves

      Size: XL
      Weight: 4.5 oz.
      Color: Olive

      The gloves came packaged with a picture of a gloved had reaching into water
      on the front. Most of the rest of card contained sales pitches for the rest
      of their products. There is also a short care section recommending that you
      hand wash them and let them drip dry.

      During my initial bathtub test I found they did not let water in until I
      lowered the cuff below the surface of the water. This result was what I

      The gauntlet comes a little more than half way up my forearm and th cuff
      gives it a snug fit. If you have skinny forearms you might find it to be a
      bit loose.

      The gloves are cut flat so that they are not snug fitting in the palm of
      your hand, but I never considered these gloves to be for any sort of
      intricate work, their purpose is to keep you dry when it's wet out.

      The WaterBlocker Socks

      Size: XL
      Weight: 4.7 oz.
      Color: Black

      The WaterBlocker socks came with a similar insert, but on the inside a much
      larger section was given over to the care of the socks. It seems that the
      WaterBlocker seal is made up of a delicate membrane that you have to very
      careful with while you are putting the sock on and taking it off.

      The major difference between the WaterBlocker socks and my regular SealSkinz
      socks is that just below the cuff they have a 2" section of membrane that
      will make contact with your skin, hopefully forming a decent seal. You then
      fold the cuff down over the membrane portion of the sock to apply a bit more

      I decided to give the The WaterBlockers a good long test in the bath tub. I
      put on cotton socks to show up any wet spots and then put the SealSkinz on
      over them. I then had to roll my cotton socks down to keep them down on my
      foot instead of being under the seal. After about 5 minutes in the tub I
      felt what I thought was a very small amount of seepage through the seal
      behind my left calf. When I later took my socks off I could confirm that the
      ankle of my sock was rather damp. My right sock also had some dampness but
      it was significantly less.

      Given that the cuffs of the socks were completely submerged for over 20
      minutes I found this level of seepage to be quite acceptable. I did not find
      them as comfortable as my other SealSkinz, but if I suspect that I might be
      doing any deeper water crossings, I would definitely prefer the

      Test Plan

      I plan to test the socks and gloves by getting wet. I'll find some deeper
      stream crossings, walk in the rain and wear them kayaking. I will be trying
      the socks specifically during rescue practice in the kayak, this would cause
      quite a bit of water pressure to try and push past the seal.
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