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SUPERfeet Quickfit Everyday - Report 2

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  • Mara Factor
    SUPERfeet QuickFit Everyday - report 2 http://www.superfeet.com/ Name: Mara Factor Age: 36 Gender: Female Height: 6 1 Weight: 195 Email: m_factor@hotmail.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2002
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      SUPERfeet QuickFit Everyday - report 2


      Name: Mara Factor
      Age: 36
      Gender: Female
      Height: 6'1"
      Weight: 195
      Email: m_factor@...
      Web: http://friends.backcountry.net/m_factor
      Region: Boston, MA
      Date: February 28, 2002

      Feet: Women's 13 5A/6A low volume, flat feet (men's 12)
      Fitting location: REI, N. Reading, MA

      Backpacking background: I have been actively hiking and backpacking for the
      last 12 years. I hike in the local Middlesex Fells Reservation just 5 miles
      north of Boston. On weekends, I often hike in the White Mountains of New
      Hampshire. On vacations, I love to travel and have been hiking in many areas
      including canyons of the desert southwest, the Olympics, Cascades, Norway,
      Alps, and Himalayas.

      Fitting Experience: I was planning on having my SUPERfeet fitted at the
      local REI in the afternoon but I was concerned about some fitting issues. I
      had been wearing Custom Green SUPERfeet for a number of years, but when I
      received the Everyday SUPERfeet, I realized the size I had been sent was a
      size larger than the Custom Green ones I was used to wearing. My Custom
      Green SUPERfeet were a little short for my feet and shoes, but they had
      worked just fine for me. So, I wanted to find out what options were OK to
      consider once I got to REI for my fitting.

      I called our contact, Kirsten, at SUPERfeet to discuss the issue. She
      indicated that if necessary, it would be OK for REI to switch to a smaller
      footbed if that seemed to be the most appropriate action given the situation
      and assuming it wouldn't be a problem for REI to change in their inventory

      I was able to get to REI between 9:00 and 4:30pm when I had been told that
      Ryan would be available to fit the footbeds. When I arrived at about 3:30, I
      was told that Ryan had left at 2:00. Turns out that Ryan is the expert but
      there was another person there, Brian, who was also trained to fit the

      I told him of my concerns and he agreed that the size F looked quite a bit
      larger than the E but that the E really were a bit short for my feet. Given
      the narrow width of the shoes, we were both a little skeptical that the size
      F would fit in the shoes, but he also knew that the cork would mold to my
      feet and be somewhat narrower once fitted properly.

      I thought it would be nice to have the full length footbed for a change so
      we decided to just use the size F that I had been shipped.

      The fitting went quickly and easily. Brian put the footbed in the oven to
      heat, strapped a suction tube to my shin with the tube resting on the top of
      my foot. Once the footbed was heated, he put it in a tray, positioned it
      under my foot, positioned and strapped the bag over my foot and footbed, and
      started the suction. He did not use a strap around my instep to hold the
      footbed in place before putting my foot into the bag. This was something
      that seemed to be in the pictorial instructions so I'm not sure if that
      would have a significant affect on the fitting. As the suction started, he
      positioned my foot in a neutral position. He repeated this process for my
      other foot.

      After the footbeds were molded, Brian took the time to very carefully trim
      the footbeds to fit into my shoes. They still seemed very wide at the heel
      to fit into my narrow shoes, but once the length and width at front of the
      footbed was properly trimmed, the heel did fit into my shoes.

      The footbeds felt fine when I first put the shoes on. After walking around
      for a few minutes, there seems to be a slight pressure point just to the
      inside front of my heel. It doesn't hurt and it doesn't seem like the type
      of thing that could be addressed with grinding because it's not at the
      instep. I'm hoping that as the cork continues to mold and as I follow the
      break in period, that this pressure point will just cease to exist.

      More Observations: With the cork bottom, they seem much "stickier" to get in
      and out of my shoes than the Custom Greens with the plasticky base. As I do
      tend to switch my footbeds from shoe to shoe, and I will be switching
      footbeds within my shoes during the break in period, I should have some
      sense as to whether or not it will get easier to take them out and put them
      into other shoes.

      As a followup to my observation about the use of the word "orthotic" in my
      first report, I asked Kirsten and she confirmed what my podiatrist had
      implied. "Orthotic" is now used almost exclusively for prescribed medical
      devices. Historically, that wasn't always the case. SUPERfeet has gotten
      away from using the term "orthotic" except where it appears on old
      documentation (but still otherwise accurate) that they still use. That one
      insert that came with the footbeds that they still use has a 1990 copyright.

      I will now follow the instructions for breaking them in over an 11 day
      period and then continue to wear them on most days.

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