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EDIT - K-Way Advance 85 hiking backpack - Jaco-Chris Koorts

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  • richardglyon@att.net
    Jaco-Chris, I sent you an off-list email July 20 about this and have received no reply. In case you missed it I ve copied it below. Cheers, Richard ***********
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 3, 2013
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      Jaco-Chris, I sent you an off-list email July 20 about this and have received no reply. In case you missed it I've copied it below.

      Cheers, Richard



      Only one thing that needs further work: You need to add a summary of total use of the pack, probably at the beginning of your Field Use section. As noted in my last set of edits, this can be brief, but it should include length of time you've used the pack, an estimate of days of use, temperature range, and any exposure to rain or snow. Here's an example from one of my ORs (of a hat):

      Since receiving this cap as a Christmas present in 2008, it's been on my head or in my pack in all four seasons. In winter I wear it at around camp, on its own until the temperature dips below about 15 F (-10 C), when I may add a merino wool hoody layer underneath, and when ski touring at rest stops or when cold, wind, and blowing snow call for more protection. In the other three seasons it's generally limited to camp duty in the evenings, when the temperature in the Montana high country gets down near freezing or below.

      From what you've written, maybe something like "I've had this pack since [date] and have used it on [number] of backpacking trips. Temperatures ranged from X to Y and I met with rain on Z days." Doesn't need to be much longer than this. Then pick up your Otter Trail trip.

      To save another round of reposting, just send me your sample paragraph by replying to this email. Once that matter is settled I'll post an approval notice to the Yahoo Group list.

      A few other minor matters that you should also fix:

      ###Capacity: 85 l (5 187.02 cu in)###
      Edit: In two places. I'd round off the conversion to 5200 cu in.

      ###I am not the most organised hiker so the lack of small compartments inside the main bag did not bother me all that much.###
      Edit: I think "most organized packer" more accurately reflects what you are trying to say.

      ###I had to cross the mouth of the Bloukrans (an Afrikaans word for: Blue Cliff) river. ###
      EDIT: River [With a capital R – it's a proper name.]

      Cheers, Richard
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