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  • fpenn@sbcglobal.net
    Here is an OR for the June call. Thanks in advance for the edits. http://tinyurl.com/ondgqxq MSR FOLDING SPORK BY FRANCES PENN OR June 25, 2013 TESTER
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      Here is an OR for the June call. Thanks in advance for the edits.


      June 25, 2013


      NAME: Frances Penn
      EMAIL: fpenn AT sbcglobal DOT net
      AGE: 56
      LOCATION: Santa Ana, California
      GENDER: F
      HEIGHT: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
      WEIGHT: 130 lb (59.00 kg)

      I have been backpacking for six years mostly on long weekends in Southern California with two or more 5-day trips per year in the Sierras. My total daypack weight is usually 15 lb (7 kg) and my total backpack weight is usually 28-30 lb (13-14 kg) depending on the need for a bear canister. I am a tent camper and have experienced all night rain, heavy winds, camping in snow once, but mostly fair weather.


      Manufacturer: MSR
      Year of Manufacture: 2012
      Manufacturer's Website: <<HYPERLINK GOES HERE - "http://www.campmor.com" LINK TEXT = "www.campmor.com">>
      MSRP: US $4.95
      Listed Weight: .45 oz (12 g)
      Measured Weight: .50 oz (14 g)
      Dimensions: Folded: 4.5 in (11 cm); Open 8.5 in (21 cm)
      Colors Available: Gray, Blue, Orange and Red

      The MSR Folding Spork is an ultralight combined spoon and fork that is constructed of non-leaching polypropylene hard plastic. The spork comes in four colors which are designed to coordinate with the MSR Deep Dish Plates and Mugs. The spork is constructed of two pieces held together by a hinge that folds in half to collapse for efficient storage. Once extended completely, the two pieces lock in place securely.

      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "IMAGE 1" IMAGE CAPTION = "courtesy Campmor website">>
      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "IMAGE 2" IMAGE CAPTION = "courtesy Campmor website">>


      I used this spork on all of my backpacking trips last summer and so far this summer for a total of at least 20 days or more of use in temperatures ranging from 30 to 90 F (-1 to 32 C). Most of my breakfasts consist of oatmeal and a hot drink. Most of my lunches consist of tuna salad eaten directly out of the foil pack with a few crackers and trail mix for dessert. Most of my dinners consist of soup or some other hot noodle and vegetable type meal cooked in my titanium pot. I used this spork to stir the food during cooking and to eat all of these meals once cooked.

      When eating a meal that requires a spoon for soup and a fork to pick up the chunks after the liquid is gone, it was convenient not to have to change utensils or turn the spork around during the meal. I was able to eat the entire meal with this sporkin the same position in my hand.

      I especially like that the handle is longer than the other sporks I have used. Once extended, the spork feels secure and has not collapsed during use. When it was new, I was concerned about having to push on it to collapse it, but the hinge quickly became easier to operate with a few uses. Now this spork is part of my regular cooking set.

      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "IMAGE 3" IMAGE CAPTION = "close-up">>

      I can leave my folding spatula at home because the longer handle works well to stir my food during cooking. The longer handle also works well to stir my hot drinks in my insulated mug during those cold mornings and evenings in camp.

      I usually carry the spork in the same bag as the first meal where it will be used. Once that meal is finished, I usually just lick the spork clean and then transfer it to the next food bag where it will be used. The spork doesn't have any sneaky areas where food can collect from one meal to another. Just a quick lick and all the food is removed and ready for storage. If the meal was particularly sticky or if warm water is available for washing, I will swish it in some water to clean it. I have used soap to clean the spork, but that is not my regular cleaning method. I usually eat my meals out of their ziploc or freeze dried bag or foil pouch to eliminate the need for washing dishes as much as possible.

      When I carried the spork in my titanium pot with the fuel canister and lighter, the spork did not sustain any damage nor did the other items in the pot. The spork looks just like new with no scratches, dents or melted areas.

      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "IMAGE 4" IMAGE CAPTION = "the long handle is comfortable in my hand">>


      I must admit that when I first started backpacking, I used the less expensive sporks. After breaking three of them in the regular course of use, I finally decided to spend a little more and buy this spork and I am glad I did. The longer handle allows this spork to be much more comfortable and versatile. I am sorry I waited so long to purchase this spork.


      I like how the longer handle fits in my hand comfortably
      The longer handle allows me to use the spork to stir my food during cooking
      The longer handle allows me to use a taller insulated cup if necessary
      The folding handle folds small for easier packing


      Nothing so far.


      Frances Penn

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      Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.
    • Jamie D.
      PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL IN FULL. IT IS MOST IMPORTANT! Thanks for your Owner s Review. It has been added to the Owner Review Queue and will be picked up by an
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