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Re: OR - Vasque Breeze GTX Hiking Boot

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  • richardglyon@att.net
    Davis, I noticed that you posted your OR to the list. On reading the new version I see that you have corrected some, but not all, of the items I pointed out.
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 24, 2013
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      Davis, I noticed that you posted your OR to the list. On reading the new version I see that you have corrected some, but not all, of the items I pointed out. May I suggest that you withdraw your OR from the list (I can do that for you) and go through one round of revisions off-list with me. Let me know by replying to this post if you'd like to do that.

      Thanks, Richard
      BGT Mentor

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "davis.meschke" <davis.meschke@...> wrote:
      > Vasque Breeze GTX Hiking Boots for Men
      > By Davis Meschke
      > Owner Review
      > April 23, 2013
      > Name: Davis Meschke
      > Email: davis.meschke@...
      > Age: 22
      > Location: South Georgia, USA
      > Gender: Male
      > Height: 6` 0`` (1.83 m)
      > Weight: 175 lb (79kg)
      > Backpacking Background: I was raised in middle Georgia, hiking almost every weekend with my parents, friends, etc. Now in college, I hike as much is humanly possible between classes, on off days, and on weekends. I have mostly hiked in Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida, but have done hiking in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. I have been busy lately checking out the many trails available in Florida, seeing as though I go to college only 20 minutes from the Georgia/Florida border.
      > Product Information
      > Manufacturer: Vasque
      > Year of Manufacture: 2009
      > Manufacturer's Website: http://www.vasque.com/
      > MSRP: $159.99 USD
      > Listed Weight: 40 oz (1134 g)
      > Size: US 9 M
      > Color: Taupe/Orange
      > I bought the hiking boots at a backpacking shop in Columbia, South Carolina, USA called the Backpacker. I was fitted by a staff member who specialized in hiking footwear.
      > Immediately after trying the boot on, my first reaction was STIFF. Very stiff and blocky feeling. This would hopefully soon change, as I would be wearing the boot on a trip across the Georgia section of the Appalachian Trail. The boot has a breathable mesh and leather upper, waterproof breathable protection and a 1.5 in (3.81 cm) heel and 1.0 in (2.54 cm) toe Vibram Contact rubber outsole that provides traction for all the trail's ups and downs. The boot has a gusseted tongue that helps keep out dirt, sand, pebbles, twigs, etc. The laces pass through 8 nylon loops before you cross them through 1 set of metal hooks, and 2 sets of non-slip plastic hooks. I quite liked the non-slip hooks because it helps a lot when tying the boots and allows you for a tighter knot.
      > A lot of the upper and lower part of the boot boasts Airmesh, which ended up being very nice in terms of ventilation and breathability when backpacking long distances. I also found that this boot includes very adequate ankle support, which is a must have for myself because I have a tendency to roll my ankle on longer, rockier hikes. The ankle up is supported with breathable Airmesh that is nicely padded.
      > The insoles are thin, about .39 in (1 cm) thick, which can be a turnoff for those who need a decent amount of padding. I have not seen whether or not after market insoles could be inserted in place of the original insoles.
      > My initial first impression was okay, which interested me to how this boot would turn out to perform in the field.
      > Field Use:
      > Appalachian Trail Georgia Section (Backpacking)
      > Springer Mountain to Bly Gap (Georgia): 79 miles (127 km); 3780 to 3824 ft (1152 to 1166 m) elevation; temperatures from 15 to 50 F (-9.43 to 10.00 C); 35 lb (15.88 kg) pack; dirt, rock, streams, sand, and snow were all present.
      > Bartram Trail: Franklin, North Carolina (Day Hiking)
      > Bartram Trail (Franklin, North Carolina) Hale Ridge Road to Jones Gap: 12.5 miles (17.39 km); 2425 to 2927 ft (739 to 892 m) elevation; temperatures from 80 to 88 F (26.67 to 31.11 C); 15 lb (6.80 kg) pack; dirt, rock, sand, trail were all present
      > Savannah Rapids Trail: Augusta, Georgia (Day Hiking)
      > Savannah Rapids Trail (Augusta, Georgia); 10 miles (16.10 km); 655 to 713 ft (200 to 217m) elevation; Temperatures from 90 to 95 F (32.22 to 35.00 C); 10 lb (4.54 kg) pack; dirt, rock, gravel, mud were all present.
      > In addition to the above stated locations, I have also used the boots walking to college classes or just going on a nice day hike to just escape. I have been using the boot almost constantly since I bought them in December 2010.
      > Overall Summary
      > Awesome boot! I would recommend this boot to anyone looking for a long distance backpacking boot, a day hiking boot, and even for a boot you can wear to class. After being worn in, this boot feels like any other shoe I would wear on a regular day outside. I've always heard about Vasque making a great boot but had no idea how great until I decided to purchase a pair.
      > PROS:
      > • Good stability
      > • Superior breathability
      > • Easy to get on and tie
      > • Well made
      > • Not a lot of break-in time
      > CONS:
      > • Traction could be better on slicker surfaces
      > • Thin sole insert only .39 in (1cm) thick
      > • Really long laces over 1.5 ft (.46 m) long
    • Jamie D.
      RAY - Davis Meschke(M)(1) - Vasque Breeze GTX Hiking Boots - Posted Apr 23 (msg#82097), awaiting Mentor approval, Repost Apr 25(82110), Taken May 11, Edit May
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        RAY - Davis Meschke(M)(1) - Vasque Breeze GTX Hiking Boots - Posted Apr 23 (msg#82097), awaiting Mentor approval, Repost Apr 25(82110), Taken May 11, Edit May 11 (82127), Follow-up Jun 11,

        Hi Davis,

        I hope we didn't scare you off. Following a review of our Owner Review queue at BackpackGearTest.org I noticed you have not responded to the Edit given for the above Owner's Review, which was posted by Ray back on May 11. Please refer to message number 82127 at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BackpackGearTest/messages

        Are you planning to continue with the OR? We are here to help so please don't hesitate to ask if there is something we can assist you with so you can complete your Owner Review?

        Please let me know how you wish to proceed with this review so I can inform your editor and update the Edit Queue.

        Jamie DeBenedetto
        Editors Team Director
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