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  • jdasherjr81
    Dakine Cyclone Roll-Top Pack- 2200 cu in (36L) capacity, color: blue Reviewer Information Name: James Dillion Asher Jr. Age: 31 
Gender: Male
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 31, 2013
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      Dakine Cyclone Roll-Top Pack- 2200 cu in (36L) capacity, color: blue

      Reviewer Information
      Name: James Dillion Asher Jr.
      Age: 31
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 7" (1.7 meters)

      Weight: 145 lbs (65 kilos)
Email address: james@...
      City: Fort Collins
      State: Colorado
      Country: USA 

      Date: March 31, 2013

      Backpacking Background: I've spent a significant amount of time outdoors as a field research geologist, working in the field under a variety of weather conditions and different environments. I've traversed high mountains, lowland swamps, tropical island interiors and coastlines and even crawled around inside caves. I'm also an avid traveler, and an unconventional one at that- I've driven 1720 miles across Peru on a 3-wheeled motorcycle taxi and will soon embark on a 9,000 mile car camping trip from England to Mongolia. I might not always be backpacking, but give me a piece of equipment and I guarantee I will put it through its paces!

      Product Information:

Manufacturer: Dakine
      Year of Manufacture: 2011
      URL: http://www.dakine.com
      Listed weight: approx. 2lbs (0.9 kilos)
      Dimensions: 20" x 12" x 11" (51cm x 30cm x 28cm)
      Colors available: Blue, Charcoal
      MSRP: $109.95

      Product Details:
      The 2200 cu in (36L) Dakine Cyclone Roll-Top Pack comes without packaging off-the-shelf. Adjustable padded shoulder straps, a breathable back pad, a top loop, roll-up top with clips, side cinch straps, and front zippered-storage pocket are part of the bag's construction. Included is an adjustable and removable chest strap adjoining the two shoulder straps, which affixes to the shoulder straps with plastic pinch clips. These clips snap over the round, black-colored piping running the length of the shoulder straps.
      The Cyclone Roll-Top functions as a backpack-portable, waterproof and watertight top-closure dry storage bag. The bag features sealed PU coated nylon construction and welded seams. Closing and sealing the bag is accomplished by pinching the top of the bag together, forcing out any excess air, rolling the top of the bag downwards at least once, and then buckling the ends securely to either one another or to the side cinch straps. The more wraps achieved while rolling the bag closed, the better the seal. When rolled-up properly the bag is essentially water-tight and impervious to moisture.

      Field Information:
      I've used my Dakine Cyclone Roll-Top as a light day pack under hot, dry, humid, rainy, cold and snowy conditions on terrain ranging from beaches and open coastline, swamps and marshes to desert and high mountains over the course of two years. It has also been subjected to a broad range of handling and travel conditions such as hiking, spelunking, boating and canoeing, motorcycle and air travel.

      The Dakine Cyclone proved to be comfortable and practical in terms of the padding included in its construction. The shoulder straps and back pad, as well as the bag's smaller size, made it a reasonable choice for carrying lighter and smaller loads while doing a good job of keeping contents protected from the elements. In its most basic design features the bag performed as intended, having kept the main compartment's contents clean and dry time and time again.

      It does have some limitations, however, compared to other dry bags. One feature in particular, the front zippered pocket, doesn't perform as advertised- it is most certainly NOT waterproof or watertight. Anything going into this pocket can easily get wet, something I have experienced repeatedly and assume to be the result of a faulty zipper seal. Fortunately for the user, the pocket is so absurdly cramped on this model that almost nothing exceeding the dimensions of a thin moleskin notebook can be stored within. This, of course, would be ruined once the otherwise conspicuously waterproof Dakine Cyclone Roll-Top is exposed to water, and so you learn to store only small items that can get wet inside the front pocket. The Cyclone isn't as robust as rubberized dry bags and must be handled with a bit more care- it's better suited to staying securely on your back. Over time, the bag's coated skin is susceptible to wear and abrasion and eventually moisture will infiltrate the nylon fabric of the outer layer. To its credit, mine remains waterproof on the inside despite this problem. Additionally, one of the two chest straps (which I rarely used) was lost to an airport conveyer belt or a car door or some other snag within weeks of purchase. One of the modular pinch clips securing a strap to the bag was easily plucked away and lost, rendering the other useless. I respect the novelty and convenience of a chest strap that can be adjusted vertically, but you might consider removing them for travel or tossing them altogether.

      The Dakine Cyclone Roll-Top Pack is a reasonably reliable and convenient top-loading weatherproof and waterproof backpack, appropriate for short-range trekking and/or outdoor activities where water, rain, snow or moisture comes into play. The front zippered pocket, however, is of limited use due to its size and does not adequately protect contents from water or moisture. The Cyclone Roll-Top is most appropriate for lighter personal use as a daypack, a beach bag or as a portable dry storage bag for boating or canoe outings, as it is susceptible to rough treatment compared to similar products.

      Things I like:
      1. Compact size.
Comfortable straps and back pad.
      3. Top ends can be buckled to the sides or to each other in a rush.

      Things I dislike:
Front zippered pocket is too small and is neither waterproof nor watertight (2012 Dry Pack models do feature a larger zippered pocket).
      2. Adjustable chest straps are prone to getting ripped off or lost.
      3. PU coated nylon skin and fabric are susceptible to wear and abrasion.
    • Jamie D.
      Hi again James. It s excellent you have jumped right in to the Owner Review writing. We, however, find it helpful to get new tester s feet wet by going thru
      Message 2 of 2 , Apr 1, 2013
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        Hi again James. It's excellent you have jumped right in to the Owner Review writing. We, however, find it helpful to get new tester's feet wet by going thru the first OR to completion before accepting any other ORs into the edit queue. I am updated the queue today and sending off a note to the edit team so I would imagine you will have someone responding to your first OR very shortly. Once you get the process down, we welcome multiply OR submissions at any given time.

        I certainly hope that makes sense and if you have any questions please let us know.
        Jamie DeBenedetto
        Editors Team Director

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