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Re: Edit/Approval - Oboz Sawtooth - Alex Legg

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  • alex
    Hi Richard, Alright, I get it, brownie points! So I made the edits and uploaded to the BGT site. Thanks for your time. =Alex Legg
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 28, 2012
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      Hi Richard,

      Alright, I get it, brownie points! So I made the edits and uploaded to the BGT site. Thanks for your time.

      =Alex Legg

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "richardglyon@..." <montana.angler@...> wrote:
      > Alex,
      > Well done, you'll be starting 2013 with at least one BP. Your edits follow, in the usual format. After revising, upload to http://tinyurl.com/d2k4byg, and don't forget to delete your Tests/OR folder copy.
      > Happy New Year!
      > Richard
      > <<TOP PHOTO>>
      > EDIT: Somewhere you need to note that this comes from Oboz.
      > <<I bag a mountain almost every weekend, and I walk my dogs 4 miles daily through
      > deep sand and overgrown mesquite trees in our local washes.>>
      > EDIT: Need the metric equivalent for 4 miles.
      > Comment: With the correction you'll be at 103 words. I round off but not all BGT editors are so generous. Be warned!
      > <<Size Reviewed: 13>>
      > EDIT: US 13
      > Edit: Consider mentioning all sizes available.
      > <<The BFit standard insole is inside the shoe, I assume this comes with most of Oboz shoes.>>
      > EDIT: End this sentence after "inside the shoe" as the rest is projection. This is a good example of why we prohibit projection, as it happens not to be true.
      > <<The Oboz have been all over southern and northern Arizona with me so I will only
      > list a few locations below.>>
      > Edit: "My Oboz" would read better.
      > <<I wore them on a trip to Coconino National Forest for an accent of Mt.
      > Humphrey's. >>
      > EDIT: Mt. Humphreys [no apostrophe]
      > <<I took the shoes on another 3-day, 2-night trip in Coconino National Forest for
      > an accent o Mt. Baldy. >>
      > EDIT: ascent [spelling] of [spelling]
      > <<Elevation has been around 2,500 ft to 2,700 ft (762 m to 823 m)>>
      > EDIT: Your Imperial are rounded off, so please do so with the metric: 760 m to 820 m)
      > <<They tighten up well and seem pretty strong, but the problem for me is that they come untied a lot. >>
      > Comment: A problem I have with several pair of Oboz boots I own. Try this: as you tie your shoes, make a loop in the open end (the one you're planning to pull through the main loop), then pull the smaller loop through the larger loop. This has worked for me.
      > <<Once separation occurs, it is impossible to slow it down or to keep dirt and grime
      > from getting caught in the gap.>>
      > EDIT: This is the only sentence in this paragraph in which you use present tense, and by using it you make this projection. "Once separation occurred, it was impossible to slow it down . . ."
      > <<It seems that even though I assumed the problem had to do with over seas
      > manufacturing, the real cause lied in the fact that the rubber toe rand was
      > glued to a piece of leather.>>
      > EDIT: overseas [one word]
      > EDIT: lay in the fact
      > <<I have to say, the customer service I experienced from Oboz was exceptional.>>
      > Comment: Delighted to hear it! Many people at Oboz are friends of mine.
      > << Once all the kinks get worked out with the toe rand issue I think Oboz will be keepng outdoor lovers happy for a long time to come.>>
      > EDIT: keeping [spelling]
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