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    Pam, Good to have you back and thanks for the edits, thorough as usual. A couple of comments below. I ll upload later today if I can get a better Internet
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 4, 2012
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      Good to have you back and thanks for the edits, thorough as usual. A couple of comments below. I'll upload later today if I can get a better Internet connection.

      Cheers, Richard

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "Pamela" <pamwyant@...> wrote:
      > EDIT: IBEX ARLBERG VEST – Richard Lyon

      > A small Ibex logo, discreetly embroidered in red thread, sits in the center at the top of this back piece.
      > ### Comment: This read a little awkwardly to me. You could simplify it a bit with something like: A small Ibex logo, discreetly embroidered in red thread is centered on the top of the back piece. Strictly your call on changing or not.
      ### I try to avoid passive voice (is centered) whenever possible, but I did change the text slightly.
      > Color: Red Heather; when I bought it in 2010 the vest was also available in Black and Green Loden Heather. (Green is the color of traditional Austrian loden coats.) Now available in Red Rocks Heather (looks like orange), Blue Yonder Heather, Field Heather (loden green), and Black.
      > ### Comment: I'm going to throw something out here – I am a little confused by the areas where Loden/loden is capitalized and the areas where it isn't. I went online to try to find some resolution to this, and found none – it seemed to also be randomly capitalized or lower case in different areas. It sticks out quite a bit here, where it's used both ways. (Ibex seems to always capitalize it for what that's worth, although they also capitalize the color names Black, Green, etc, as you've written). Would it make sense to stick with either capitalizing it or using lower case? If you choose lower case, I think it would make sense to also go with lower case for the other color choices, even though I know Ibex uses the capitalization on their website.
      #### This is your only suggestion that didn't prompt a change. "Green Loden" is Ibex's designated color, similar to a brand name, and that's the only place I capitalized Loden. Ibex uses lower case in describing the fabric in other garments, and I treat the word as I do "merino," as descriptive or generic.

      > Breathability. Loden, at least Ibex's version, doesn't breathe; its dense weave prevents any air permeability. I don't wear the Arlberg (or a full cardigan-style sweater in a similar fabric) for wicking. This means that the vest goes into my pack during heavy exercise, including skinning or boot-packing on skis. With its exceptional water-resisting capabilities, discussed in the next paragraph, the vest traps heat and sweat, impeding the wicking begun with
      > my inner layers. That's one reason I use it for athletic activity much more often than my loden sweater, because I can get a bit of ventilation at the vest's armholes. Also the vest takes up much less pack space than its sweater cousin, and my torso is just as well (OK, almost as well) protected. Lack of breathability prevents my wearing it in warmer temperatures, a limitation I can live with.
      > ### Edit/comment: Tried doing some research on this, and I could not find much mention of whether Loden/loden is breathable or not (only two articles mentioning breathability and wicking, and they were along the line of a blog). However, being a natural woven fiber I would expect the fabric might breathe to some extent, just not the extent to be useful for heavy exertion - rather than having a total lack of breathability such as plastic. Maybe state "doesn't breathe well" instead of a flat out "doesn't breathe"?

      ##### Believe me, it doesn't breathe! But I take your point on natural fibers and made a few tweaks.
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