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MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!!! You'll want to Read this!

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  • Kathy Waters
    Fellow BGTers! Ta Da! Drum Roll, please! I m very excited to announce the start of the brand-new BGT EXPRESS PASS program! Briefly put, the Express Pass will
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      Fellow BGTers!

      Ta Da! Drum Roll, please!

      I'm very excited to announce the start of the brand-new BGT EXPRESS PASS

      Briefly put, the Express Pass will allow any BGTer to cut to the head of the
      line for any called test item for which they qualify geographically and by

      Express Passes are awarded via the Brownie Point (BP) system already in
      place for ORs submitted, approved and uploaded based on the monthly OR calls
      and (THIS IS HUGE AND NEW) by recruiting new BGT members!

      Twenty (20) BPs are needed to claim the Express Pass. One (1) BP is earned
      with each qualifying OR and TEN (10) BPs are awarded for each person you
      recruit who completes their required two (2) ORS, applies and is selected
      for a test and completes their first IR. Any combination of ORs or recruits
      totaling twenty (20) BPs will earn the Express Pass.

      You will be able to track your BPs via a file to be uploaded and updated
      monthly on the Yahoo Groups BackpackGearTesters site.

      The Express Pass program will start as of January 1, 2013. HOWEVER, any BP
      OR and/or any eligible recruit in November and December will be counted.

      Below is a preliminary copy of the EXPRESS PASS program's fine print. I
      welcome questions if clarification is needed. Shortly, a finalized document
      will be uploaded to the files section of both BGT Yahoo Groups for

      So, get busy! Winter is a great time to chat with friends and help them get
      involved with BGT and on those nasty nights you are not out testing gear -
      write about gear!



      The Express Pass is awarded to any BackpackGearTest.org (BGT) member in good
      standing when he or she attain 20 Brownie Points (BP).

      The Express Pass will permit the BGTer to "jump to the head of the line"
      when applying for any one desired test for which he/she would be
      geographically, seasonally and gender-qualified.

      Brownie Points are earned by writing Owner Reviews (OR) in response to the
      Monthly OR Calls categories posted each month, by recruiting new BGT members
      or a combination of ORs and recruitments.

      One (1) BP will be awarded for each eligible OR when it is approved and
      uploaded. Ten (10) BPs will be awarded for each new recruit who completes
      their required two (2) ORs, applies and is selected for a test, and then
      completes their first. These ten (10) BPs will be awarded as soon as the
      recruit uploads his/her first test's final (LTR) report.

      Twenty (20) BP points will be subtracted from the BGTer's total when an
      Express Pass is redeemed on a test call.

      BPs will be tabulated monthly and the running totals will be reported in the
      BackpackGearTest Yahoo Groups Files section.


      1.) An Express Pass can only be used once.

      2.) The Express Pass allows the owner to be automatically selected for a
      test provided he/she would have qualified for the test. See paragraph 7

      3.) Only one Express Pass can be used per test (first qualified
      application received).

      4.) Only one Express Pass can be used by a tester during any 4-month
      period. For example: You may continue to earn BPs during this period. For
      example: You earn 20 BPs on February 1 and claim a spot on a test March 1.
      A prior recruit completes her first IR on February 15, and another of your
      recruits completes his first IR March 15. On March 15 you will have twenty
      BPs, but cannot claim another Express Pass until July 1, four months from
      March 1.

      5.) You AND your recruit must identify yourselves PRIOR to the posting of
      the recruit's first OR. This notice should be a posting in the Yahoo
      Group - BackpackGearTesters - with a copy sent to
      jdeben@.... The subject should be in this format: BP
      RECRUIT - BGTer name and Recruit's name.
      6.) Each recruit may have only one sponsor, the tester identified when the
      notice in the preceding paragraph is sent. A tester may sponsor more than
      one recruit at the same time.
      7.) Occasionally a manufacturer will specify special conditions for a test
      call, such as testers in a particular country or those who will use the
      product under particular conditions. Any manufacturer-dictated limitations
      are part of the qualifications referred to in paragraph 2.
      8.) An Express Pass may not be transferred to another BGT tester or anyone
      else. It must be used by the tester who earns it.
      9.) The Senior Director will be the final arbiter of any disputes that may
      arise and the Senior Director's decision is final.
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